Attention to Halitosis in Children!

Attention to Halitosis in Children!

Bad breath is a common problem in children, but it is often thought to be due to simple causes. However, if your child has bad breath, you have to care about this problem. Dr. Şöyle Short-term halitosis is common, especially in the morning, Nas says Nas. In fact, bad breath can be a sign of many important diseases. ”

Dr. Nasa bad breath lists the reasons:

• Most of the bad breath originates from the mouth, nose, sinuses, lung and stomach. In addition, due to kidney and liver problems and metabolic diseases, the excretion of substances accumulated in the body through the lungs can cause odor in the mouth.

• The cause of bad breath determination of the right treatment. Children, especially young children, have bad breath due to hunger for 6-8 hours. Tooth decay, teething, gingivitis and halitosis due to food remaining between teeth are common, but can be completely corrected with good dental and oral care.

• Nasal meat (adenoid) growth and related nasal flesh inflammation, sinusitis and related nasal discharge can often cause bad breath. The only sign of nasal flesh growth and inflammation may be bad breath. Breathing in the mouth due to nasal congestion often causes snoring and bad breath. Unilateral nasal congestion and inflammation of the nose, nose, foreign body or rhinolite may occur due to stones and causes bad breath. Tonsillitis and pharyngitis are common causes of halitosis.

• Night nutrition, reflux disease, gastritis, some foods and drinks also cause bad breath. Systemic diseases include liver, kidney; sugar coma, vomiting and metabolic diseases urea, ketone and ammonia in the blood causes an increase, these substances are excreted through the lungs, causing bad breath.

Children bad breath is prevented by treatment of diseases that cause bad breath, proper oral and dental care.

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