Feeling the Baby in Pregnancy

Feeling the Baby in Pregnancy

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After four months, the baby can not feel the movements expectant mother She worries.

If the expectant mother is pregnant with her first baby; first movements of the baby, pregnancy Between 18 and 24 weeks It feels.

For the expectant mother, this is a very exciting experience. Movements were initially felt as bubbles, butterfly flapping wings or gas circulating through the abdomen.

Experienced mothers, on the other hand, know a little earlier because they know how they feel and the uterus is less tense than the first pregnancy. 16 weeks later they begin to feel the movement of their babies.

Progress of pregnancy and the character of the baby's movements also vary. The baby begins to make more active and pronounced movements, and sometimes these movements will hurt the mother.

Towards the last weeks, the movement of the baby becomes more blunt, hitting and pulling, since the area where the baby will move is reduced.

Do not panic!

After four months baby movements can not feel the expectant mother is alarmed.

However, in the sense of movements; weight of mother, position of the baby and placenta It is important. These differences are due to the fact that although a mother is able to sense these movements even though they are in the same gestational week, there is still no movement in the other.

Especially from the 28th week of pregnancy then the number of baby movements begins to be important in terms of providing information about the baby's well-being. Decreased movements suggest that the baby is in distress and may require further examination.

Baby Movements It is a widely used way of monitoring the baby because it is simple, free and everyone can count.

To start counting movements, you must select the time when the baby is most active. Type the movement and time as you start recording. Make a mark on the paper each time you move. When you reach 10 movements, make a note of the time again. Perform this test at approximately the same time each day.

Normally your baby At least 10 times in 4 hours need to move.

If this number is less than 10, call your doctor. At this time, the baby's movements can not be felt by the expectant mother mother eating, activity and affected by sleep-wake states Remember.

There is no such thing as a hyperactive baby in the future.

There is no connection between the baby movements and the sex of the baby.

Tips for Feeling Baby Movements Easier!

  • Lie down on the bed and relax.
  • For something sweet.
  • Face down.
  • If the baby is older than 28 weeks, lie on your back.
  • Put the music player on your stomach and play music. It'il work.
  • Talk to your baby and try to wake him by caressing your belly.

Baby's Movement Development According to Weeks

7 Weeks

Arms and legs develop, but the hands and feet are not yet developed.

8 Weeks

Shoulders, forearms, hips and knees begin to develop, arms and legs are formed. The spine is fully developed. When examined by ultrasonography, the baby makes slight arm, leg and trunk movements, but the mother cannot feel them.

12 Weeks

The baby makes stretching and contraction movements with arms and legs.

16 Weeks

The baby is developing very quickly. The arms and legs are fully formed and all joints can move. Your baby can hear you.

20 Weeks

Amniotic fluid in this period, the baby's rotation, exercising with arms and legs The baby starts sucking his finger. Because the baby has very strong muscles during this period, it can sometimes make movements that do not allow you to sleep.

24 Weeks

5 - 6 months to hear the mother's voice begins to recognize, the mother's voice distinguishes from foreigners and mother calms down with her voice. You can detect an increase in movement when you hear the music track you love.

Sounds such as a door sound or car horn startled in babies in the womb. The smile of the unborn baby and some forms of behavior Like 4-dimensional ultrasonography it is better understood thanks to modern imaging tools.

The baby sucks your finger and you may feel the hiccup bouts you will feel. You can now determine when he is asleep and awake.

28 Weeks

In this month, eyes open and close. Your baby with strong muscles will feel kicked and punched very intensely.

32 Weeks

The baby starts to take the appropriate position for birth this month. His movements are very active. Sometimes these movements may not feel very good because the uterus is narrowed for the baby.

36 - 40 Weeks

The baby is now fully grown and filled the inside of the uterus, the area can move very narrow. Although the number of movements did not decrease, his character changed and began to become smaller and slower.

Towards the end of pregnancy "The kicking" in the mother by causing tension in the uterus pain and suffering It can create. As the baby's nails grow, it may cause scratches on the womb.

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