Pregnancy and genital herpes

Pregnancy and genital herpes

Genital herpes is a very common sexual healthIs the problem. Well, considering this health problem, the idea of ​​pregnancyShould I give up?

Herpes, herpes,
An infection that spreads when the virus is actively found. Therefore
herpes virus if your baby only and only during the birth and if the virus is active
may pass.

Newborn herpes
it can only be seen as a result of the virus passing to the baby at birth. On the other hand
If the mother's herpes is passive, it cannot be passed on to the baby.

If the herpes virus
caused by herpes during the last 3 months of pregnancy or during labor
Caesarean section may be preferred over normal birth. Before birth
the dice surrounding the baby, just like a protection shield
Preserves. But during birth, this membrane tears and the baby is unprotected.
If there is an active herpes herpes near the vagina
Cesarean section is performed. Otherwise, the baby can not be prevented.

Doctors advise mothers with genital herpes problems
recommends antiviral drugs.

Can a herpes in the uterus pass to the fetus?

Unfortunately yes, it can. In this case herpes, birth
may cause harm to the baby before it occurs. Congenital herpes
and is rarely seen. Some doctors say
believes that herpes seen in early pregnancy may cause. But
herpes seen in the second trimester of pregnancy, generally for the baby
is not harmful.

To prevent the formation of congenital herpes
there is no specific thing to do. But the risk is very low.
Most women with herpes infection are normal and healthy.
Bring babies to the world.

What can be done to prevent herpes from passing on to the baby?

 First, to prevent herpes from passing to the baby
you must tell your doctor. Doctor during genitalia
examines the area in detail, and if there is a suspected herpes caesarean section
may find birth appropriate.

 If there is a possibility of genital herpes
You may be advised to use an antiviral medication for the duration of your stay. Pregnancy
approaching the end, ie the last 2-3 weeks before the routine checks to be done too
is important. If you notice anything unusual, contact your doctor immediately.

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