What stages of pregnancy occurs

What stages of pregnancy occurs

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Pregnancy it is not a sudden situation. A living being born
to arrive phases together
come and complete the process. This is a condition that starts before sexual intercourse.
about baby pregnancy together with
After a 40-week journey, it ends with a happy ending. Birth of babies
as many stages. Fertilization, pregnancy and this process, which we can separate as birth
consists of more than one phase. This phases

Fertilization Phase

As the first stage of fertilization between phases
can be discussed. Man's sperm released after menstruation
meets with. Although there are thousands of sperm in this meeting
sperm wins this race. After meeting with sperm eggs
It dissolves the membrane outside and enters the egg.


It is located on the inside of the egg and
it is a membrane surrounding the cell inside the egg. phases must pass the sperm between
This membrane, which is a wall, was created to be punctured only by sperm.
This membrane is melted again by the sperm enters. This pregnancy creates another phase before the process


This is a biology by many
course is a subject. For those who have forgotten, it is worth remembering.
There are 46 chromosomes in the nucleus of human cells. This
23 of the chromosomes by the mother of the living
is given to the baby. Fertilization of the egg cell by sperm
then comes the coding phase with chromosomes. Eggs during the coding phase 23
The chromosome code combines 23 chromosome codes of sperm. In addition, genetic codes
We can say.

This merger of a new cell with 46 chromosomes
provides. This is the moment when the pregnancy begins. Even this
chromosomes determine gender but individuals do not
It can be learned. This fertilized cell reaches the inside of the uterus. From here
the processes that make up the living thing have started. After that the baby's development
The process begins.


Pregnancy The process is a stage that the mother will learn in a few weeks.
Mother pregnancy process baby
development will increase day by day. Birth
development will continue until the process. Birth
A 40-week adventure will finally take place.

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