Cyst in the kidney of the baby during pregnancy

Cyst in the kidney of the baby during pregnancy

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During pregnancy, the baby can be diagnosed while in the womb and
As a result of ultrasound examinations, diseases can be diagnosed.
More about cystic kidney disease in the unborn baby

Genetic or acquired cystic kidney
discomfort, urinary tract infection, bleeding in the urine, or pain
speak Trying to drink water at night can also be noticed by families.
is one of the symptoms.

Especially in hereditary cystic kidney diseases
family screening by ultrasonography
is very important in terms of. Kidney with cysts
family history, siblings' ultrasound, blood
pressure, renal function and urinalysis should also be examined.

Cystic kidney diseases, fluid in the kidney
encompasses a group of diseases with filled vesicles. Cysts mostly
hereditary and developmental, less often later in the child
emerges. There are different findings in cystic kidney diseases and their course
is also different. In some children, cysts are detected incidentally,
urinary tract infection, hypertension, bleeding in urine,
They are recognized by symptoms of pain or kidney failure.

Multiple cysts occur in both kidneys
should not forget that diseases are hereditary. Due to genetic disorder
kidney cysts begin to form. Over time cysts grow and normal kidney
it causes the kidneys to function correctly.

Polycystic kidney disease, often in adulthood
occurs in childhood or rarely in the newborn period.
Abdominal mass, urinary tract infection, hypertension and liver,
non-renal problems such as pancreatic cyst, brain aneurysm,
symptoms. If the mother or father has this disease, children
the probability of being around 50%. The diagnosis is based on the hereditary characteristics of the child.
clinical and radiological examination.

A lot of parents about cystic diseases
should be careful. They have symptoms that they may notice. "Juvenile
Cystic disease called nephronoftysis görül occurs in childhood. Mostly with 2
Consuming a lot of water, urination, anemia, growth in children aged 5 years
retardation. Getting up to drink water at night is often
It is seen. Paleness and weakness of the skin may also attract your attention. Puberty
Chronic renal failure may also be encountered during the period. Eyes,
problems associated with this condition in the liver or organs such as bone
Can. The most important issue for the mother and father is that screening should not be interrupted.
If one of the cystic diseases of the kidney is seen in the baby regularly
must be monitored. In many patients, the main health problem is not kidney cysts,
high blood pressure or urinary tract infections. Right time
With the diagnosis and correct treatments, children can
it can continue.

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