How is the baby formed?

How is the baby formed?

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Baby formation is perhaps the greatest miracle in life. Aren't you curious about the stages of this miraculous event? Then we strongly recommend that you read the rest of our article.

We are sure that you will get your baby as soon as possible by paying attention to the conditions that provide and support pregnancy. What about the formation of a baby in the womb? Without a doubt, you would like to know how the baby you dream of is formed in your belly. So we tell.

Pregnancy begins in the ovaries and is found in the uterus 2 small eggs, settles on the edge of the uterus. These ovaries are covered with the eggs found in the body from the moment of birth. Every baby girl in her ovaries from 450,000 comes to the world with more eggs.

As they grow, most of these eggs die. Approximately 400 more eggs are lost during fertility. This stage starts with puberty and continues until menopause. Each month 1 to 3 eggs, mostly in the middle of the menstrual period, ripen in the ovaries.

The most mature egg is left to reach the uterus from the ovaries. The name of this event is “ovulation ve and the period between the twelfth and fifteenth days It takes place. The eggs remain viable for 12 to 24 hours. If the baby is desired, the eggs should meet the sperm in this period. Eggs meet with healthy sperm, brings with it pregnancy. Otherwise, pregnancy does not occur.

How is sperm formed?

Women's bodies are maturing at certain periods, while men's bodies produce millions of sperm at almost any moment. Sperm production starts in the testis. The testes are heat sensitive. Healthy sperm occurs at 34 degrees Celsius. The sperm with X chromosomes is female and the sperm with Y chromosomes is male.

What happens during sexual intercourse?

Sexual intercourse refers to a biological function. In this process, sperms lead to ovaries. Many couples wonder what the best sex position is to have a baby. Although it is not known, some experts argue that the position of the man on top or the position of the man behind the woman is ideal.

Because these positions provide the deepest entry. However, there is a fact that not every woman may ovulate during menstruation. To increase the probability of pregnancy, sexual intercourse should be taken every second day of menstrual period.

The Miracle Begins!

The eggs begin to ripen within 24 hours. Sperm with genetic part in the egg

Meanwhile, the woman is not fully pregnant. At this point, the embryo settles in the uterine wall. This last step of this miraculous journey can take about 3 days. You should then start to monitor your menstrual period and be sure with the pregnancy test if you see a delay.

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