Symptoms of miscarriage in pregnancy

Symptoms of miscarriage in pregnancy

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Perhaps the greatest fear of many expectant mothers is to miscarry. This
for the first time of pregnancy, many pregnant women
She keeps herself, doesn't tell her she's pregnant. When these women themselves
and if they feel their baby safe, they can only say that they are pregnant.


What can be the symptoms of miscarriage during pregnancy?

That this fearful dream happened to you when you were pregnant.
to learn where to understand and to take measures accordingly
We recommend that you read the following items carefully.

1. In case of miscarriage, bleeding occurs in the lower abdomen. Promise
These bleeding in the lower part of the abdomen and painful

2. If one or more of your previous pregnancies
the same risk in your last pregnancy if you have a history of miscarriage.
note that you have This
If bleeding and pain are seen together in your pregnancy,
also note.

3. In some cases, even if there is no bleeding, the pain is severe.
and it happens constantly. This may indicate that it is still low.

4. Bleeding in the form of a light discharge
if it occurs and lasts more than a few days,

5. If you have too much bleeding and pain,
It is the messenger.

6. Another symptom of severe severe cramps.

7. The presence of some reddish parts coming from the vagina is another
may be a sign of miscarriage.

All of the above-mentioned reasons alone are low
may be a symptom. This is a medical condition that urgently helps your doctor
or go to your nearest emergency room.

In the meantime, at this point we need to specify that pregnancy
pain, cramps, etc. but you can live
cramping or any pain you're doing is a reasonable act
Will not. Pain and cramping at least once per pregnancy
may be normal.

Non-severe cramps and pains of muscles in that area
stress. The important thing is that cramps and pains are very severe
and it is not continuous. Another important issue is the
is the absence of bleeding.

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