Slimming exercises after pregnancy

Slimming exercises after pregnancy

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Exercise after pregnancy can benefit the mother in many ways
It will be. Some of these, weight loss, eyebrow development, energy increase,
stress and postpartum depression. Maybe better than that,
that the mother will set a positive example for her child from an early period.

Exercise does not harm the volume or composition of breast milk;
it does not adversely affect the growth of the child. On the other hand, some research
shows that high intensity physical activity, lactic acid in breast milk
may accumulate; and this is a taste that the baby does not like in milk
You can create. If you are breastfeeding, this problem may
and by consuming fluid frequently during the day.
If it is a priority for you to engage in intensive activity,
Try breastfeeding before. This also allows you to exercise more comfortably
It will provide. Exercise already after the fourth and fifth months of breastfeeding
it will have less effect on your milk because at this point your body will
produces the majority during breastfeeding.

If you have had a relatively comfortable vaginal birth,
then you can start the exercise when you feel ready. if
If you have had a caesarean section or a more complicated birth,
then ask when you can start exercising. Probably 6 weeks to you
will recommend that you wait.

It may seem difficult to enter a post-natal sports routine. This
Be patient and realistic about it. Please note that your pregnant body is 40 weeks
And that's how you get back from your body to your old self.
It may take. Many women who do regular sports before pregnancy notice that birth
The body during pregnancy with the post body is two very different situations.
In a conversation with a group of women who learned yoga during her pregnancy,
resulting in muscle wear, posture disorder, a general pain in the body and
Fatigue is also a common experience for these women.

A team general

• Start slowly. your bleeding
wait for it to finish. If you push yourself too hard at the beginning,
note that you may be slowing down. But this is obviously condemned at home for 6 weeks
doesn't mean you should stay. Even walking can be a good start.

• Consider the condition of your pelvic floor
Keep. If your pelvic floor is weakened
Exercises can create more pressure than necessary.

• Postpartum abdominal muscles
may be opened. When you go to your 6-week check
You looked at. Depending on the situation, a physiotherapist and these muscles are
you may need to start working.

• Joints during pregnancy and childbirth
Relaxax hormone, which serves as softening of your bones, 6 months after birth
can remain in the body. This may cause loose or loose joints. That's why
make sure the exercises you have chosen are within your mobility.

• Drink plenty of water and relax!

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