How to treat herpes in pregnancy

How to treat herpes in pregnancy

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Herpes virus in the scientific language called
Disease. This disease cannot be treated permanently. Just
When the immune system is weak, it occurs in the form of herpes. However, herpes
does not indicate that the virus does not continue to live in the body. On-site
The virus handles moments when the body is weak and vulnerable and emerges at these times
interest. As you know during pregnancy, the body is the most sensitive period
It is one. Therefore, herpes can also occur frequently in pregnant women.

Cold sores when the immune system is weak while pregnant
event. Only weakness of your immune system
not being under stress can also cause herpes. Herpes treatment
antiviral drugs that you can use at normal time if you are pregnant
is not recommended. Because the baby took the drug at the same time.
It is.

With antiviral herpes creams that can only be applied on the skin
treatment may be possible with the advice of your doctor. Some herpes
use of creams in pregnancy is harmful. Of course during treatment
by keeping an eye on your diet and avoiding stress,
you should strengthen your system.

Herpes usually in the mouth but in some cases in the genital area
can manifest itself. Viruses in the genital area can be
contact with herpes in your abdomen.
There is no risk of infection.

However, if herpes are present in the genital area, this is dangerous.
may is. Because during the normal birth of herpes virus through new
will be able to pass on to the newborn. Transmission of this virus to the baby is different in the baby
infections and may cause a serious
is dangerous. In normal birth, the risk of transmission of the virus to the baby is as high as 40%
as a probability. Herpes virus for newborn baby
can be risky. To prevent your baby from becoming infected, contact your
you should consult on the matter. If herpes could not be treated until birth,
delivery may be performed by cesarean section. Doctor, of course
the treatment process should be kept under control and
It must be determined. To avoid re-emergence after surviving the herpes;
avoiding stress, sadness or anger is also balanced
You need to take good care of your body through nutrition.

What is amniocentesis, what

Amniocentesis is particularly important for pregnant women
It is a prenatal test recommended for pregnant women. With this test
whether the baby has a genetic disorder, an abnormality in chromosomes
is tried to be determined. This test is intended to
amnion in the placenta where the baby is swimming.
a small amount of liquid is sent to the laboratory.
It is examined in the laboratory within half an hour. Small amount of baby during test
liquid (20 milliliters). This fluid is estimated to be approximately 3 hours
reproducible. So there is no lack in terms of your baby
will not cause trouble. You don't have to worry about it. But
to be done by a doctor you trust or better by your own doctor.
will be better.

Amniotic from baby during amniocentesis
There are baby's cells in the fluid. Viable cells taken after the procedure
culture environment and the baby's chromosomes
whether the chromosomes are normal. The most common chromosome
its abnormality is down syndrome.

Amniocentesis procedure is between 16-22 weeks of pregnancy and
risky pregnancies. In the following cases a risky
you can say that you are pregnant and that you need to take this test:

Your age
If you are over 35 and have a child with down syndrome
so if you have

and your binary test result is higher than normal

your family
an individual with down syndrome

If you have given birth to a baby with Down's syndrome before

your pregnancy
If you used “Colchicine ında in the first months

If any abnormality has been detected in your baby

if you have miscarried more than once before your pregnancy

This test
information about the baby you are going to give

But again
There are some risks of amniocentesis test. Of course, these risks
even less in tests by doctors
It is. There is a 0.5% risk of losing your baby as a result of the test.
Infection of your baby or plesanti
may occur, miscarriage or premature birth may occur. However, the risk ratio is low.
After the procedure, you should not do heavy labor for a period of
you should not engage. Unusual conditions like fever, bleeding, water
If this happens, you should contact your doctor immediately.

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