Pre-pregnancy regimen

Pre-pregnancy regimen

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You mean the pre-pregnancy diet, absolutely.
You should know that there are not diets aimed at slimming. Because this is the mother
During this period, it needs to consume more vitamins and nutrients.
Although there is a need for weight loss before becoming pregnant,
you will get important nutrients that do not cut the benefit. Weakening
either plan ahead of time or never get involved.

First, if you're preparing for pregnancy,
you should avoid dioxin-containing foods. Eggs, fish meat and chicken
dioxin. All of them at the same time of course your nutrition program
You extraction. Removing them all at the same time also leads to infertility.

More fruits and vegetables when preparing for pregnancy
weighted diet program will benefit your application. But completely
non-vegetarian All the nutrients in your life
it is an unhealthy diet. Nutrition
in exchange for the things you remove from your program,
need vitamin supplements that are equivalent to things. Iron, B12, calcium and zinc
vererek By losing weight and feeding in this way, it has also removed dioxin from the body.
Are you going.

What is this dioxin, what is its harm?

In fact, when looking at the food chain
it's from start to finish. More dairy products,
through oily foods like fish, meat and eggs.
Dioxin can cause cancer, as well as damage to the immune and reproductive systems.
Giving. It can even cause disability in unborn babies. This is negative
Do not assume that the effects are seen only in women. In men, endocrine
system is able to upside down.

Pre-pregnancy sports and
diet is possible to reach your ideal weight and healthy. Obesity, most
brings negativity. It reduces fertility in women. also
obesity, diabetes, congenital deformity in the baby can cause.
In order to prevent these, leave aside the fashionable diets and ask your doctor.
you need to consult and prepare a diet program for pregnancy.

Sıfır I will diet and lose excess weight zero
I will be the body “. Healthy Baby
Do not fall below your ideal weight if you want to bring into the world. Normal
If you fall under your weight, this may cause serious health problems.
will bring along.

Your friend, your relatives
diets do not concern you. Do not apply diets written on the left or right.
Your doctor will give you the proper diet program for your body.

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