Tetanus vaccine before pregnancy

Tetanus vaccine before pregnancy

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What is tetanus?

Ost Clostridium Tetani ”bacterium
variety of bacteria. In individuals who have not been vaccinated after this bacteria have passed through the body
It releases a substance called “tetebospasmine.. This substance is also secreted in the body.
leads to uncontrolled contraction of muscles. This is the case
respiratory muscles paralysis and deaths due to respiratory failure

disease, non-vaccination, birth in non-sterile environments, abortion
and from surgeries or external metal materials.
It can rise up. In underdeveloped countries, the umbilical cord is not sterile.
born at the beginning of their deaths.

To the Earth
a newborn baby, this vaccine with antibodies from the mother
from being caught. Therefore, a newborn baby
capture, whether the mother is fully vaccinated against this disease
It is linked to the immune system.

no matter how reliable and sterile the place you will be
as a precautionary measure,

that is, the reminder vaccine can be administered at any time during pregnancy.
Although, drug interventions, the development of the unborn baby's organ
it should be postponed to the end of the first trimester.
In our country, tetanus vaccine given to pregnant women, 20 weeks of pregnancy
stage of the mother is completed.

- If
If your childhood vaccination is complete and your reminder
If the vaccination is less than 10 years, you should take this vaccine during pregnancy.
There is no need.

if your childhood vaccinations are not complete and you have
If this is not possible, you should consult your doctor.

the -Hatırlatıc
If you do not remember exactly when you had your vaccination,
You should take this vaccine in the fourth month.

can cause newborn deaths, especially in developing countries, and
vaccine is a disease that can be prevented.

one out of every ten people, a maximum of three days in the vaccine site, swelling
pain and redness. These small reactions are then taken
doses can be seen a little more. In patients receiving additional doses
reactions can range up to eighty-five percent.

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