Exercises after pregnancy

Exercises after pregnancy

Pregnancy is a difficult and tedious process for every woman. This
During this period, the woman experiences both physical and psychological changes.
Most complaints of women after childbirth while physically gain weight
they are among the cases. Weight gain during pregnancy, the body
when needed. So to lose weight with the baby
during pregnancy is usual.

Doctors who are experts in their field weighing between 8-12 kg during pregnancy,
weight gain is normal. However, excess weight after pregnancy,
in some cases, it may disrupt the psychology of new mothers. Slow for 9 months
slow weight taken immediately after giving birth within 1-2 months
not possible. He's not in any healthy behavior.

If you want to lose weight after giving birth and still
If you are breastfeeding your baby, the quality and quantity of milk adversely affect
methods. Because during the breastfeeding your baby, your milk
feeds and develops thanks to him. However, a diet program
If you want to apply the help of a dietician in the field
that would be the most logical move. Pregnancy with diet program
With post-exercise exercises to make you lose weight more healthy
You can bring.

Exercise with

Adequate and balanced diet with both mother and baby
will be useful for. Weight already taken slowly, again in 9 months
you will see that slowly. Considering your baby first,
you have to be patient. Doctors suddenly want to lose weight
insistence for both the mother's own health and the baby's health at that time
more energy, protein, vitamins and minerals are required to take.

Breastfeeding mothers, at least 500 calories per day during this period
must take. Weight gain during normal pregnancy and before
mothers who are very overweight, vitamin and mineral intake during breastfeeding
should pay particular attention. By paying attention to this situation, up to 2 kilos per month
They can give.

Less than 1500 calories per day in mothers who breastfeed their babies
diets should never be applied. Calorie intake below the specified level,
it will adversely affect the quantity and quality of milk.

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