Thyroid before pregnancy

Thyroid before pregnancy

Spend a healthy pregnancy process and give birth to a healthy baby
To bring about, you must take care of your thyroid health. Made before pregnancy
In addition to routine blood tests, thyroid hormones are also controlled by the mother and the baby.
is of great importance for health.

Thyroid during pregnancy
disease, adversely affect the health of the mother and her baby
For every woman who wants to have a baby
and after the birth takes place again to check.
Women with a history of this disease, those receiving treatment and their families
those with a history of goiter should be closely monitored by the doctor.

During pregnancy, thyroid gland, both
functions and changes in size is fine
these are not considered disease because they are normal.

Thyroid tests in pregnant
the results of pregnancy should be considered. In this process
estrogen and hCG also affect thyroid hormones. Especially
hCG, which is high in the first months of pregnancy, causes a certain decrease in TSH level.
It can open. But this fall is not permanent. In pregnancy, increasing blood levels,
estrogen increases the proteins that bind thyroid horomone. With this
together, an increase in total thyroid hormone occurs. Thyroid in the blood
Ninety-nine percent of the hormone is bound to these proteins.

More Thyroid Gland
women who do not work can have difficulty in getting pregnant, and when they are
Thyroid gland hyperthyroidism, hypothyroidism
less common. Among the most common symptoms; the appetite
Despite the increase in weight loss and palpitations.

During pregnancy
growth in the size of the thyroid gland can be observed.
and may be more pronounced. Thyroid during pregnancy
growth in the gland is only around 15% and is usually noticeable as goiter in the eye.
can not. The most accurate evaluation is done by ultrasonography.
true goiter or thyroid dysfunction may also be seen. You can use them normally.
or to evaluate the expected changes.

Experienced in pregnancy and unnoticed or treated
hypothyroidism ie the state of decreased thyroid hormones in the blood, no symptoms
anemia, heart failure, placenta.
anomalies, muscle weakness, hemorrhage during labor and miscarriage. Thyroid hormones
is very important for the baby's brain development.

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