Postnatal gymnastics

Postnatal gymnastics

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Pregnant mothers during pregnancy
number of changes. Among these mothers are the most complaining
they are weight gain during pregnancy. After birth
it is easier to lose weight after the puerperium period followed
It will be. However, it is important for the mother to lose weight very quickly while
can be harmful to health as well as to her baby. Therefore, the mother is on a diet.
You should be patient while implementing the program and you can also do postnatal gymnastics. Gymnastics
You can also spend time with your baby.

1- Abdominal hardening

Lie on your back
and put your legs on top of each other. Your baby
snap on. Your baby's back should sit in the recesses and
hold both hands at this time. While sucking your stomach,
You muscles. In this way, your head and upper body
try to remove. At first, you should not force yourself.

2-For the belly region

Lie on your back and help your kidneys
lie down on a folded towel. Break your knees and keep your feet firm
Press the ground somehow. With your baby's back facing your vote
place. Stretch your muscles and pull your abdomen in. Gently top
Lift your chest. Do not forget to hold your baby with one hand.
Extend your other hand towards your knee. This movement at least 8 times
You should repeat. After taking a little break, do the same gesture with your other hand.

3-To stretch the stomach

Put your baby on your back
face down. Don't forget to put a towel around your belly. Same way
Set a towel for your baby as well. This way your palms will touch the ground
Try to approach your baby by stretching your arms. Your abdominal muscles
you should stay that way for 15-60 seconds while contracting.

4-Back and hips
to tighten

Lie down on your back and put your baby on your stomach
but do not forget to keep. Now one by one,
lift your legs up and down from your buttocks. This move
Rest at least 8 times and do it for your other leg.

5- Strengthen the back

With your arms outstretched on your back
Combine. Stretch your shoulder blade and raise your head to at least 8.
In this way, the upper area of ​​your back
muscles found in the work.

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