Massage after pregnancy

Massage after pregnancy

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changes in the body with the mother,
it is quite normal to have various troubles and pains. That's why
pregnant massage, loosening and relaxing the mother candidate. But this
massage to your partner, not your friend
You can see. Massage applied to the person with good circulation increases
helps you feel.

pre-natal, pregnancy process and postpartum massage
applicable. Massages from beginning of pregnancy to delivery
Although it is extremely comforting, expectant mother's back pain and insomnia

Besides, massage applied with vegetable oil mixtures, also provides solutions to birth cracks.
A comfortable night's sleep because the mother is completely relaxed after the massage
It can sleep. These massages, varicose veins, cellulite and stretch marks
helps to prevent the existing and gradually disappear.

after the massage is quite useful. Massage of mother
Eliminates all psychological burden and rests. This is
it even makes other members of the family feel good.

If it is
From a psychological point of view, massage gives importance to the person and even
creates a sense of well-being. This way the woman becomes aware of her body again.
After the pressures and responsibilities of daily life, the expectant mother


massage therapy has a relaxing effect during pregnancy. swelling
when fatigue causes you to be emotionally and physically distressed
massage will help you revive all your emotions
will make you feel more pleasant. Quick touches applied, body and
keeping the mind alive; slow touches provide relaxation.

especially during the first five months, warm-up movements before massage may be beneficial.
Outside the pelvic areas, the back and legs will be
The pains disappear.

One of the biggest problems experienced by the candidates is the
these are the disorders that occur in parallel. Feet during pregnancy
The massage will undergo these swelling and ailments. Most seamless
Even for pregnancy, foot massage can be applied. Foot massage sessions
on average 20 minutes. This time, edema and swelling to disappear
It is sufficient.


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