Pregnancy considerations

Pregnancy considerations

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Mother and
Before deciding to be a father,
There are many stages that need attention. Prenatal mother and
the planned act of the father; both the pregnancy process, both birth and birth
will make it easier. Because pregnancy is only a physical change
It is not just. Both parents' psychological and economic change
needs to be ready.

The first stage of preparation is doctor control. General health control and to be done
tests to prevent serious problems that the mother may
It can be passed. You might think of it as a precaution. Pregnant
4 months before deciding to stay
You should apply. With various vaginal and blood tests,
you can find out if there is a disease that you can protect.

After the stage, your doctor and your family
will try to find out. If an inherited disease occurs,
genetic counseling will be better. If mother and father have the same disease
if available, assisted reproductive techniques can be utilized.

Diseases transmitted by the pathway can affect birth. Ask your doctor strictly
without hesitation about whether you have
you must inform. Because sexually transmitted diseases in the mother's womb
can adversely affect the baby. Mother and father testing against these diseases
is the most ideal solution. If one of these diseases is detected,
With appropriate treatment methods, the unborn baby can be protected.

candidate should say goodbye to cigarettes and alcohol before deciding to become pregnant. if
if it is difficult to give up these habits,
will benefit.

If you have a thought about giving, and you plan to diet for it,
pregnancy is the worst period for this. During pregnancy of the expectant mother, milk, meat
need to consume eggs, fresh vegetables. This feeding table, each mother
may vary. Fifteen percent more than a woman's ideal weight
weakness may make spawning difficult.

exercises with balanced diet before staying
easier. Under the supervision of people who knows of these exercises
and the doctor is aware of these exercises.
It will protect. During the pregnancy, the expectant mother will
may continue to exercise. Open area or well ventilated
environments and comfortable clothing will make it easier for mothers to do sports.

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