Discharge after pregnancy

Discharge after pregnancy

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Postpartum period after a difficult pregnancy and birth
period is called. Other conditions occur during the postpartum period for the mother
and can weaken the body both physically and spiritually. Mothers many
to deal with physiological conditions but also to care for the baby
It is difficult. Therefore, in this period with stress; pains, pains, extreme
mental and physical disorders such as weakness, boredom
It will occur. In the postpartum period, the mothers can
may need doctor support.

Post discharge problem

In the postpartum period, the mothers were accustomed to a period of 9 months
then there is a process of hormonal change again. During this period
physiological currents are considered to be normal and

Postpartum discharge is one of the causes of puerperium
of streams. This discharge occurs for approximately 6 weeks postpartum.
And discharge. The reason is any pregnancy in the mother's body
there is no residue and to ensure its disposal. Puerperal discharge;
usually manifests itself as hemorrhage, after which the color of this discharge becomes pink,
color turns yellow then color turns white
and eventually, with the termination of the puerperium.

From pregnancy
in women with chronic discharge before the discharge in general
When the postpartum period is over, normal currents continue.

After pregnancy
discharge usually occurs in the morning. Reason all night
is the accumulation of discharge in the vagina because it is in the sleep position during the period.
So when the morning wakes up and stands up, the currents accumulated quickly
shows discharge.
Prolonged discharge after pregnancy may be important and may
It should be consulted. Especially bad smelling currents of any infection
herald. Such as discharge, abdominal pain, high fever and so on
conditions commonly accompanied by endomyometritis

Only smelly
Although the currents may be a minor diagnosis of bacterial discharge (vaginitis),
may also indicate the occurrence of fungal infection.

Mushroom currents
These are foamy currents, commonly referred to as cheese cuts.
This discharge also shows symptoms such as itching and redness in the vagina.

Pregnancy and childbirth
should be taken into account if the currents are continuous for a long time and
the subject of consultation with a specialist doctor.

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