Paralysis in pregnancy

Paralysis in pregnancy

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Stroke, blockage or sudden bleeding in brain vessels
loss of ability to move part of the body
It means. Popularly known as stroke. The main cause of stroke
The mechanism causes disruption of nutrition in a region of the brain. experiencing
time is a condition that needs to be treated urgently.

Paralysis, multiple weakness on one side of the body,
numbness in the arm and leg, severe headache, visual impairment, inability to speak,
There are symptoms such as inability to understand what is spoken. Coma to severe strokes
but not always seen.

Paralysis during pregnancy
risk factors




Heart valve diseases

the -Trombofil



Unhealthy nutrition, inactivity

Risk of being paralyzed during pregnancy
Does it carry?

Paralysis in pregnant women compared to non-pregnant women
risk of becoming more common. High risk of stroke during pregnancy
The reason for this is the tendency to hypercoagulability during pregnancy, hemoconcentration,
cardiovascular system changes. The most common cause is preeclampsia,
eclampsia and HELLP syndrome. Aneurysm arteriovenous during pregnancy
hemorrhagic stroke due to malformation, preeclampsia
It may come. Cerebral venous sinus thrombosis, heart valve diseases and
Ischemic stroke may also occur due to preeclampsia.

Paralysis also occurs after pregnancy
There is a significant increase in risk. Strokes related to pregnancy,
half of this period can be called. Hypertension and cesarean section
In the postpartum period of pregnancy, the risk of stroke increases further.

Paralysis in pregnancy and paralysis in non-pregnant people
treatment is similar. If you have severe preeclampsia or HELLP,
Depending on the specific treatment is applied. CT as a first step in general diagnosis
MRI is safe in pregnancy, and in some cases more sensitive

Increased risk of paralysis during pregnancy
It was determined by researches. Hypertension and complicated
more prevalence in pregnancy. Stroke is more common in women than in men.
is common.

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