Maternal psychology after pregnancy

Maternal psychology after pregnancy

After birth, the person who is the new mother, the situation and the baby
no matter how happy he is,
may experience psychological disorders. These problems during the mother's pregnancy
sufficient maternity for the baby
may prevent it.

1-Sadness after childbirth

The lightest thing for the mother after giving birth
psychological disorder. 3-5 days within weeks after delivery
between. It may take a few hours or a few days. However, 10 days after birth
then all the troubles are gone. Sadness after birth, emotional
Being unbalanced and crying attacks are the most common symptoms.
At the same time restlessness, distress, headache, sleep and concentration
disorders can also be seen. Although the cause cannot be clearly determined,
hormones and biological changes, which are seen as a cause of decline.

It is the slightest psychological disorder in this case
There is no need for any treatment. However, the mother's wife and other family
members are supported by the mother and not left alone.


Postpartum depression usually lasts for 3-4 months
It may take. Very rare but continued for more than 1 year
Can. Among the first symptoms of postpartum depression; exhausted soul
decreased interest in the environment, increased or decreased appetite,
insomnia or too sleep, feeling insufficient, feeling worthless,
reduced thinking and concentration ability, suicidal and death thoughts
has increased.

Depression entered after birth, experienced in previous pregnancy
depression, family depression, early motherhood, economic aspects
inadequacy, problems in spouse and family relations, within the last 6-12 months
a stressful situation or violence is triggered.

In this period, the baby who had just opened his eyes to the world
development may be problematic. The reason is that the mothers do not feel enough,
The possibility of using addictive substances is insufficient nutrition. With this
there is also the possibility that the expectant mother may harm her baby.


Various problems after birth and hormone
heavy psychological
Disorder. More common in people with manic-depressive disease in normal life
It is seen.

Symptoms occur in the first two weeks after birth. Heavy
depressive psychology, guilt and worthlessness, thought
confusion, over-confidence and self-esteem, auditory and visual
hallucinations, insomnia and distractions.
Mothers with severe psychosis may also have a tendency to kill themselves. This
The most sensible behavior to be done in case the mother is an expert in the field
to get help from the doctor.

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