Low back pain in pregnancy

Low back pain in pregnancy

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Pregnancy, emotional and physical changes
A period of 10 months from 9 months. In this time frame some
experiencing difficulties is extremely natural. Excessive weight gain
growth and progress of the process, starting with the routine life of mothers and
"low back pain" at the beginning of these troubles limiting the area of ​​movement
It comes. Low back pain also felt intensely during the postpartum period, birth
it can also make baby care difficult.

Causes of low back pain during pregnancy

Pregnancy process
it causes some changes in the body of every woman. Some of these changes,
is the main cause of low back pain. Growth and expansion in the abdomen
it causes the center of gravity in the body to change. Spine, body balance
pulling backwards to allow insertion and giving full weight to heels.
works to make it easier. This is a backward retreat.
muscles in the back of the stretching and lactic acid
accumulate. Progesterone is secreted in the body during pregnancy
It is one of the dominant hormones and has the ability to relax muscle. Its main task
is to prepare the body for delivery by softening the pelvic muscles.
it also helps loosen the muscles of the waist. Muscles relaxed
requires the body to contract more to carry its weight.

to gain 1 kilo every month during the period is ideal. In the last stage of pregnancy,
a weight gain of 9-10 pounds compared to the stage is observed. In some pregnant women
increase can be up to 20-30 kilograms. 50 kg of pregnancy. starting weighing
If a pregnant woman has gained 10 pounds at the end of the 10-day process of 9 months, the same body
twenty percent more weight. This period of mother candidates
During each weight gain, an extra burden on behalf of the waist and increased pain
Why it is.

Progress of pregnancy
Along with the symptoms of pain gradually increase. After the fourth month,
complaints become more pronounced. The expectant mother's order of life
body weight, diet and many other factors affect pain. Comfortable
Those who want to spend a pregnancy, should avoid standing for a long time.
Pain in mothers who do not reduce their daily routine
complaints can be more frequent and continuous.

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