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How to bathe twin babies?

How to bathe twin babies?

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While bathing a baby would be a challenge in itself, do you think how to bathe your twin babies? Relax, taking the following steps to bathe twin babies is no longer a problem for you.

Feel free to get help; Always take help from your spouse, carer or someone else when bathing your babies. If two hands wash a baby, it would be perfectly normal for two babies to be washed by four hands.

Set bath days; Setting bath days makes your work quite easy at this stage. Washing your babies one day apart in turn will help you to plan more about bathing. If you choose a day a week, you can have both of your babies take a bath on the same day.

Pre-prepare items after bathing; Before bathing your babies, you should definitely prepare your clothes, changing cloths, and powder, rash cream that you will use after bathing. So you can dress your baby more quickly after bathing and wash your other baby as soon as possible.

The most important point when bathing your baby is to make sure that the other baby is safe. While you are taking a baby to bath, the other twins must be safely placed in a park bed or cradle. In fact, if the other baby is lying in a room near the bathroom, it will be more comfortable for you to check your baby while you take a bath.

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