Why is my baby crying?

Why is my baby crying?

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Why do babies cry, does that mean that babies are unhappy when they cry?
Many people think that the reason for crying of babies always points to the same problem (eg hungry, gas pains) or that the baby is unhappy. However, the reality is different from what is thought. Babies, like adults, have ways and characters to express themselves. Babies can cry for reasons such as hunger and gas pains, or because they are cold or sweating. Mostly in the first six months, babies cry because they are in the stage of getting to know the environment and they are afraid of loud speakers and electrical appliances. Immediately after the newborn period, infants begin to cry in addition to their primary needs, such as hunger and pain, in cases of anger or unhappiness to the mother. The best way to distinguish this is to make sure that all the baby's needs are met. Unsupervised babies crying because they are angry or unhappy, unless they have a health problem.

How to approach the crying baby?
Mothers, especially those who have a baby for the first time, may feel helpless when the baby cries, which can sometimes be continuous. This helplessness is largely influenced by the inability to understand the baby's cause of crying and to feel that it cannot help him. Mothers should rely on maternal intuition as they cannot obtain precise information about the reasons for their babies crying.

In order to stop the baby's crying and relieve it, first of all, action should be taken immediately. The mother's slow reaction and occasional indifference to the baby may cause the baby to cry even more. Therefore, such behavior should be avoided. To comfort the baby, it will be effective to hold her and take her around to look around. Similarly, breastfeeding the baby, standing or shaking the arm may also work because it will tend to fall asleep.

How to raise a happy baby?
The happiness of babies depends largely on their communication with the mother. Babies that the mother cares enough will be happy if there are no health problems. In infancy, especially in the first few months of the newborn and immediately after, the mother's speech by looking into the eyes of the baby will greatly relax the baby, will help strengthen the communication between the mother. Even if the baby cannot answer, it will be a happy baby who will react to her mother with a look or smile and feel safe.

Babies are constantly curious about their surroundings and are in a state of discovery. Preventing the baby from trying to get to know the surroundings by taking some objects in his mouth, touching and watching his hands will make him unhappy. Home can be made safer by eliminating items that may pose a risk to the baby's health, and the baby can experience the happiness of knowing the environment safely.

An important factor on the happiness of babies is the mood of the parents. The home environment in which nervous and unhappy people live will be reflected in the mood of the baby and make him unhappy. Although babies cannot speak, they feel tension and happiness easily. Therefore, a happy family environment is very important for the baby's happiness.

It is also very important for the baby's inner peace that the baby's sleep pattern is not disrupted. Babies who cannot get their sleep are unhappy. Therefore, it is necessary to be sensitive about it. In addition, family members will spend time playing with the baby will make the baby happy.

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