Nutrition guide for intelligence development of infants

Nutrition guide for intelligence development of infants

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The overall health and development of the baby is directly related to maternal nutrition. Regular and balanced nutrition ensures that babies reach the appropriate weight for weeks; The general health of the mother and postnatal breastfeeding maximizes the intelligence development of the baby, which is allowed by genetic factors.

Nutrition during pregnancy is one of the factors affecting the baby's intelligence development. Anadolu Health Center Child Health and Diseases Specialist View Ayşe's Full ProfileDescribes the role of mother nutrition in baby 's intelligence development.

Dr. View Ayşe's Full ProfileShe states that the negative effects of insufficient and unbalanced nutrition before pregnancy on fetus and newborn health are known and that the importance of proper nutrition during pregnancy is increasingly emphasized and continues. Dönem The period in the mother's womb is the fastest growth period of the living thing. The growth rate, which causes life starting with two cells to turn into an average 3 kg baby at the end of 9 months, will not be experienced in any other period of life. Proper nutrition plays a role in this developmental period as well as genetic factors. In order for the baby to reach its genetically predicted potential, it is necessary to provide the appropriate nutritional environment ” Dr. View Ayşe's Full ProfileHe also states that intelligence is a multi-factor concept, not just nutrition, genetic or environmental effects alone, and continues: Sonrası Postnatal care and love environment, breastfeeding, mother and father attachment to the baby are also factors that can affect the development of intelligence positively or negatively ”

How should mothers be fed?

“In addition to sufficient calories, all food groups should be consumed in a balanced manner. Vegetables and fruits, cereals, meat-fish-poultry, eggs, legumes proteins, milk and dairy products, it is important to get balanced fats.
During pregnancy, the expectant mother depends on her height, but she should gain 9-12 pounds. Half of this weight is used for infants and placenta, uterine growth. The other half is stored for breastfeeding. About 900-950 grams of protein must be stored for the baby to grow. Therefore, the expectant mother should add 15 gr more protein to her normal daily food. ”

Iron and folic acid play an important role in blood production and nervous system development

Demir Iron deficiency is very common in pregnancy. Iron is used to make blood. In this respect, the mother and the baby need a lot of iron. Mothers should take 20 mg of iron daily. Iron deficiency can adversely affect both the physical and mental development of the baby in the womb. For this reason, it is important to carry out the necessary checks ”
“In folic acid deficiency, the development of the nervous system lags behind and abnormalities called neural tube defects can occur. Folic acid intake should be sufficient especially before pregnancy. Women who plan to have children are advised to make their food rich in folic acid or use folic acid tablets for 4-8 weeks before pregnancy. Dark green leafy vegetables contain folic acid in all cereals and legumes. However, light, heat and food processing can easily destroy it. It is therefore best to consume vegetables and fruits freshly or as little as possible to ensure maximum benefit. Beans, nuts, walnuts, egg yolks, oranges are among the foods that contain folic acid. Alcohol consumption consumes folic acid in the body ”

Hair and tooth losses are due to insufficient calcium requirement during pregnancy.
Için For the calcium requirement in the baby, the mother needs to add 500 mg of calcium to her daily diet. This amount can be met with an extra glass of milk or equivalent dairy products. Especially in mothers with many children, hair and tooth losses are experienced due to insufficient supply of calcium in repeated pregnancies. ”

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