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Step into independence of your child!

Step into independence of your child!

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Mi Is your little, innocent baby left completely unprotected without you, slowly turning into a little rebel? He challenges you with his tiny body and sometimes insists on not eating his plate, sometimes he doesn't want to sleep although he has time to sleep. You're surprised at what you're going to do. Or is it a condition? In fact, there's nothing you need to worry about because it's just an individual. ”

Self-awareness and independence develops throughout life taking phased. For example, babies' interest in their own mirror images are the first indicators of personality formed at the age of 6-9 months.

7-8 months old children prefer to hold spoons and plates instead of passive roles in nutrition. They may resist doing something they do not prefer to do during these periods (for example, they clamor when standing up).

Beyond the age of 1, newborns quickly develop a sense of self. They easily discover their environment and gradually begin to show independent activity. They can feed themselves with a plate and spoon. They have clear ideas about what they want.

Children 1-2 years old like their own success and clap their hands for their own success. The self-elevation and the drive for independence make the discipline of the toddler a challenge. Parents who see children refuse to eat, sleep or bathe should see them as positive steps towards increased independence. This is in fact a clear indication that he is becoming an individual.

As the child approaches the age of 2-3, increased independence of verbal abilities, increased awareness of body senses, and skills in wearing and taking off clothes, child's desire to imitate adults and parental consent. The combination of these achievements leads to the start of toilet training.

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