Pay attention to the batteries of your child's toys!

Pay attention to the batteries of your child's toys!

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Memorial Hospital, Department of Pediatrics Uz. Dr. Prof. Dr. Sinan Mahir Kayıran gave information about ler What we should pay attention to when buying toys for our children ”.

Toys can cause serious accidents if they are not selected according to the age and development level of the child. Extra precautions should be taken, especially for battery-powered toys.

What should we pay attention to when buying toys?

- If the toys are battery-powered, make sure that the battery compartment is securely closed, screwed and secure. Battery poles, battery voltage, DC mark should be legible, old and new batteries and alkaline, standard and charged batteries should not be used together. The batteries used in the toy must be of good quality. In addition, all batteries of toys are replaced at the same time; powerful batteries keep the toy running, while weak batteries can overheat or leak, creating a danger. It should also be noted that most of the accidents that occur are caused by charging non-rechargeable batteries.

- Toys should be selected by considering the age, weight and height of the child, be robust and easy to clean.

- Soft animals and babies should be washed and eyes, nose, buttons and other details should be sewn or glued to ensure that they are not broken. Hairy toys should be avoided in children at risk of asthma and allergies.

- Children tend to recognize objects with their mouths and take every object to the mouth in their first years. For this reason, children under three years of age should not be provided with toys that have small parts or which have been separated into small parts.

- Children cannot fully establish the cause-effect relationship, so they can behave in a way that harms them. Children under eight years of age should not buy sharp-edged, pointed, flammable elements, long rope, corded, ribbon toys.

- Children should be observed by their parents during the play, stairs or road sides and pools should not be chosen as playgrounds.

- The parent must take into account the age of the child and the safety warnings of the toy. When buying toys, you should choose the toys that these warnings are on. The CE marking means that the toy manufacturer complies with the common rules of the toy on the European Union and our country's safety standards. All toys must bear the CE mark. Toys without CE marking can be of poor quality and can be dangerous to children.

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