Don't say ear inflammation!

Don't say ear inflammation!

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Acute inflammation of the middle ear, colds, throat infection after diseases such as eustachian tube closure due to edema as a result of the proliferation of bacteria in the middle ear occurs. More than 3 times middle ear inflammation in six months indicates that the disease has become chronic. This; sinusitis, nasal flesh, cleft palate is a condition that suggests the presence of other diseases such as inflammation of the middle ear, eustachian tube is blocked and the middle ear fluid is collected. This causes an increase in pressure. When the Eustachian tube is closed, the liquid contaminated with bacteria remains in the middle ear. The result is a closed environment where microbes can multiply more quickly and chronic middle ear inflammation occurs. Because of hearing loss as a result of fluid remaining in the middle ear for a long time, speech development of children is negatively affected. Early diagnosis is of paramount importance in this condition, which causes serious problems if left untreated.Why do children have otitis media?* Feeding the baby in a lying position (milk oititis), * Presence of children in environments such as kindergarten, * Having an allergic structure, * Presence of large nasal flesh, * Exposure of children to cigarette smoke.Symptoms of otitis media* Increasing the night and awakening from sleep ear pain, * Restlessness, crying and inability to sleep, * Inability to touch the child's ear and not allow to touch, * Babies feeding difficulty, * Fever, vomiting and diarrhea, * Ear bloody or inflamed discharge, * Hearing loss.Treatment supportive prevention methods* Keeping the immune system of the children strong with balanced nutrition and appropriate vaccines, * Feeding the baby only with breast milk for the first 6 months, * Not feeding the baby in a lying position, * Providing the habit of hand washing to the children in the nest and nursery, * Taking care of the water to the ear, prevention of upper respiratory tract infections, keeping children away from cigarette smoke.

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