Do exercise during pregnancy benefit or harm?

Do exercise during pregnancy benefit or harm?

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Exercise during pregnancy is both a researched and debated topic. Some experts oppose the exercise from the beginning, while some experts say that light exercises can be done.

Exercise is not recommended as it may prevent weight gain especially in the last 3 months. A recent study revealed that general pregnancy complaints such as nausea, heartburn, cramps, insomnia may be reduced through exercise. It is also stated that the exercises performed during pregnancy help the mothers to feel better.

Experts say that light exercise will not be harmful as long as it is done carefully, but stresses that the measure should never be left to hand. If the mother consumes too much energy, the baby may not get enough blood flow.

After the first 3 months, expectant mothers should avoid reaching out. Pregnant women should listen to the body because the movements of the body are limited as the pregnancy progresses. Light walks during the day are beneficial for the mother to stay active. Candidates should drink plenty of water and be careful not to starve.

Pregnant mothers should avoid heavy exercises and should avoid sports such as horseback riding and skiing during pregnancy.

If bleeding, discharge, pain, high blood pressure occur, you should immediately stop sports and consult a doctor.

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