It is possible to lose weight while breastfeeding

It is possible to lose weight while breastfeeding

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The mother must be properly fed to produce enough milk!

The importance of nutrition during pregnancy is as important for the baby to be born in a healthy way. Breastmilk is the most important nutrient a baby needs in the period of growth and development, and the mother must pay particular attention to the diet in order to produce sufficient quantity and quality of milk. While the most important issue in the life of the baby during the newborn period is very fast growth, nutrition, the amount and amount of nutrients consumed by the mother daily, body storage level, p

Factors such as their sexual status affect the amount and quality of milk. Therefore, the main purpose of the breastfeeding process is to ensure the normal growth and development of the baby by increasing the adequacy and productivity of the milk secreted by the mother. Breast milk is an irreplaceable natural wonder in infant feeding. In addition to providing the best growth and development of infants, it also protects them from many infectious diseases, especially diarrhea, anemia and diseases that may occur later in life. It also helps to establish a psychological connection between mother and baby.

Good maternal nutrition improves the quality of milk

The milk secreted in the pacifier is a product of the nutrients the mother receives and the nutrients required for the milk should be considered as supplements to the mother's own needs. Under any circumstances, mothers can produce milk of sufficient quality and quantity to improve their baby's health and support their growth. However, it has been shown that the milk of the well-fed mothers is richer than the milk of the poorly fed mothers, especially vitamin. One of the most important conditions for the successful passing of this period is the good nutrition of the mother.

A healthy mother secretes an average of 700 - 800 milliliters of milk per day. The breastfeeding mother needs about 700 calories per day in addition to her normal requirement to be able to secrete sufficient milk. 500 calories of this amount is eaten by the mother and 200 calories are met from the food stores gained during pregnancy. This is a major factor in the loss of weight gained during pregnancy. If the mother gets more calories instead of the extra 500 calories she needs to take per day, there will be extra increases in her weight. Breastfeeding, which helps the mother's body to return to the pre-pregnancy appearance, helps the mother's abdomen to form more rapidly by stimulating the contractions of the uterus and shrinking. In addition, regular breastfeeding is observed while breastfeeding is not affected.

What should we do to ensure adequate and balanced nutrition in pacifier?

- Fluid intake should be approximately 3 liters (10 - 12 glasses) per day and the majority of this liquid should be water. Natural teas such as linden, nettle, fennel, compote juices with or without sugar, fresh fruit juices, lemonade and milk can be preferred.
- Food groups such as milk, yoghurt and cheese which are rich in calcium should be included in the daily nutrition program.
- In order to meet the protein needs, meat, chicken, fish or meat - chicken vegetable dishes, eggs or legumes (red beans, chickpeas, beans) must be included in the nutrition program every day.
- Increasing the consumption of fish rich in omega-3 fatty acids will increase the fatty acid content of breast milk, so fish should be consumed twice a week.
- Fresh fruits and vegetables, which are rich sources of vitamins and minerals, should be consumed regularly at every meal.
- Iron deficiency is a common problem during lactation periods. The iron passed to the baby with mother's milk is important in terms of filling the iron stores of the baby and making it used for blood production. In daily nutrition, meat, chicken, fish, eggs, walnuts, almonds, such as nuts, grapes, apricots, plums, etc. such as fruit pulp. dried fruits, dried beans, chickpeas, lentils, kidney beans etc. iron-rich foods such as dried legumes, molasses and green leafy vegetables should be included in sufficient quantities.
- Confectionery and chocolates, sourbet and heavy desserts instead of milk and fruit desserts, ice cream in the summer, desserts should be preferred, carbohydrate needs of cereal breads, rice and pasta should be met from foods.
- Attention should be paid to the fat consumption to be used in foods, frying and roasting foods that increase the calorie value should be avoided.
- Drinks such as tea, coffee and cola should be limited. It should not be forgotten that caffeine in these drinks consumed too much will pass into milk.
- Foods that contain processed additives such as salami, sausage and sausage should be avoided as much as possible. Nitrates in the structure of these nutrients can become cancer-causing chemicals when exposed to high temperatures or fried.
- It is important for the mother to eat well, to be free from stress, to be sufficiently rested and to breastfeed her baby frequently.

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