How much vitamins should I give my baby?

How much vitamins should I give my baby?

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Healthy nutrition of their babies is one of the most important issues for mothers. It is the mother's greatest desire to know that they are well and correctly nourished. Babies' need for vitamins is also an important element in nutrition. We are also the American Hospital Pediatrics Specialist. We asked Özlem Yörükalp the questions that stuck in his mind.

: What vitamins should newborns take? How should it be given? you?
Dr. Contact özlem directly Vitamin K must be given to every newborn on the first day of life. This is necessary to eliminate the tendency of bleeding in newborns, which is administered by intramuscular injection in the hospital. In addition, starting from the first week, it is necessary to start giving vitamin D to every healthy baby and to maintain it until at least 1 year of age. This is necessary for the baby's bone development. There are various vitamin D preparations, one of which is administered orally every day according to the doctor's preference.

: Should more vitamin supplements be given to premature babies?
Dr. Contact özlem directly Premature babies need more vitamin supplements. Vitamin D is given in the same dose (in some cases, it may be necessary to increase the dose), but in addition, a multivitamin preparation should be given for a period of time that the physician would consider appropriate after discontinuation of the sera.

: What are the reasons why babies are also given vitamin D?
Dr. Contact özlem directly People make vitamin D by the effect of sun rays on their skin. However, in young infants, these mechanisms are not well developed, and because they do not have much sun contact, they also need to give vitamin D externally because they grow very fast and need more vitamin D than they do. If adequate vitamin D is not given, there may be curvature of the bones, frequent illness, short stature.

: How should babies be fed in terms of vitamin and mineral balance after switching to solid food?
Dr. Contact özlem directly After switching to solid foods, a balanced diet is of course very important for the balance of vitamins and minerals. Vitamin A, which is necessary for visual functions and metabolism, consists of dairy products, liver and cereals; from vitamin B group vegetables needed for growth and daily vital events; The vitality and vital functions, vitamin C required for the immune system can be obtained from fresh vegetables and fruits. In other words, the essential foods, meat, milk, cereals, fruits and vegetables should be taken in a balanced manner and in accordance with the doctor's recommendations.

: Under which conditions should extra vitamins be given?
Dr. Contact özlem directly There is no need to give extra vitamins to healthy children who are balanced and who do not have any diseases. However, it may sometimes be necessary to administer multivitamins in cases of impaired nutrition, such as disease, or to use certain vitamins in a number of diseases (such as congenital metabolic diseases, burns, intestinal absorption problems).

: When to start chewable vitamin pills?
Dr. Contact özlem directly Chewable vitamin pills can be used over the age of 4, as the doctor considers appropriate.

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