Balanced nutrition and dental health in children

Balanced nutrition and dental health in children

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What should be healthy eating for children?

A healthy diet means a balanced intake of all the food necessary for the growth and development of your child. The definition of balanced nutrition is only possible if your child regularly consumes the main food groups such as vegetables, fruits, milk, meat, fish and eggs.

How can my child's diet affect his or her dental health?

First of all, we need to state that; balanced nutrition affects your child's overall body development and also plays a very important role in the development of his / her gums. For example, a child with a carbohydrate-rich diet is at risk for the formation of dental caries.

How can I make my child's diet safe for dental health?

First thing to do; balanced diet. The next thing to do; it will determine how often your child consumes foods containing sugar or starch. Starch-containing foods; bread, crackers, pastries and potato chips. As far as sugar is concerned, it is a misleading fact that we limit this to the sugar box at home. Many foods we consume daily contain sugar. Even highly nutritious foods such as fruits and dairy products, for example, contain sugar of varying concentrations.

Then will I never give my child food containing starch and sugar?

Of course not. Many of these foods contain the nutrients necessary for the development of your child's growth. All you have to do is be picky and decide when to eat them. Starch or sugar-containing foods should be eaten together with the main meals, in other words, they should not be consumed as snacks. Especially sticky ones are the most dangerous of these foods. Sticky foods containing starch and / or sugar may stick to the teeth and remain there for a long time. This is very dangerous for dental caries. It is better to ask your pedodontist for more information.

Can a balanced diet meet my child's fluoride needs?

Unfortunately no. A balanced diet may not always meet the Fluoride requirement for your child. If your child is under the supervision of a pedodontist; it will guide you in which way your child needs to take the fluoride needed to protect them from tooth decay.

Recommendations for babies who are not fed solid foods?

The most important thing to do in babies; If your baby has teeth in her mouth, it will prevent her from bottle feeding while you sleep or before sleeping. Milk, honey / jam milk, fruit juice or formula placed in the bottle will stick to your baby's teeth during sleep and will immediately convert to acid in the mouth and decay its teeth because of the saliva flow that has already decreased during sleep. If your baby does not sleep without a bottle, just put water in the bottle and let him fall asleep.

Last but not least;

• Always consult a pediatric dentist to check your child's dental health.
• Be more selective when shopping for foods containing sugar and starch. Try to reduce the consumption of these foods at home.
• Arrange your child's feeding times and ensure that they are fed with high nutritional value at each meal.
• Allow your children to consume foods containing sugar and starch only at main meals for a balanced diet.
• Do not allow your baby to sleep with a bottle during sleep.
• If your child likes to chew gum, let them chew gum that does not contain sugar.

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