Suggestions for your child to meet new tastes!

Suggestions for your child to meet new tastes!

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One of the issues that mothers have difficulty in feeding their children is introducing them to new foods. However, accepting a new food may require a child to try 15-16 times. Dietician Ece Nevra Durukan, who made suggestions to mothers on the subject, suggests that these experiments should not be consecutively and that if there is a strongly rejected meal, they should be presented with different cooking methods. you can eat vegetables. Children are also very interested in superheroes and always want to be like them. If you're a superhero, eat what you eat can be very enjoyable and helpful in the process of getting used to the new food. Do you think this superhero drinks milk every day to be so strong? You can make him stop and think again. ” Your child's favorite superhero's mouth kaç how many fruits have eaten today, ”as well as putting notes in the refrigerator would be an effective method, Durukan, kesin Cut a photo of food he does not like, make it cute eyes by making hair. Add notes like 'Hello I leek, I've been waiting impatiently for you in the cupboard since the morning'. It will help your child change their perspective..Do not try the breakfast war try crispyDespite all these attempts, your child still doesn't like the food you want, Durukan explains that mothers shouldn't be too upset about it. With just a handful of breakfast cereals, your child will be happy to drink milk, buy whole grains and have a healthy and happy start to the day by taking a significant portion of his daily vitamin and mineral needs. ”

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