Regular pediatric dentist (pedodontist) visits

Regular pediatric dentist (pedodontist) visits

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According to recent research, dental caries and gum disease is one of the most common health problems in the world. Considering that dental health and overall body health are considered as a whole, the severity of the condition increases further. To give a small example; Since a child with common dental caries in his mouth will have less nutrition than his peers and during this development, he will not be able to get enough of the foods he needs to take due to toothache and body development will be adversely affected. Malnutrition may also cause the child to become sick more often.

All this negative table; brushing the teeth every day, a balanced diet and regular dentist checks can be prevented quite easily.

The researches have proved that visits to the dentist at least twice a year with or without problems are very important for early detection of dental caries and gaining the habit of brushing teeth.

For many people, seeing a dentist is a condition that creates fear and anxiety. This is even more difficult for children. The reason is to visit the dentist only if there is a problem. When the dentist is not only in trouble, but also for control and preventive dentistry applications, your child will be absolutely painless and the fear of future dentists will be prevented. This is the best answer of many parents' questions: yok My child has no caries in his teeth, why should I take my child to the dentist?. In regular dentist controls; Your pediatric dentist will give you detailed information on the type and frequency of brushing, frequency of fluoride and fissure sealant, as well as preventive dentistry applications, so that your child will have a caries-free tooth structure at a later age. It is very important to inform the child and the family about the teeth cleaning (prophylaxis) and dental care at home during each visit and to establish the habit of brushing teeth.

In short, if you look at what is done during the visit of the dentist;

Your pedodontist will first receive detailed information about your child's general health and approach to dental health. It then examines your child's tooth structure, soft tissues such as gingiva and cheek-lip and jaw relationship in detail. Your pedodontist will tell you about your child's dental development and current status. At this stage, your pedodontist will tell your child what is going on, using words that your child will understand and with a soft tone. X-rays can also be performed to check your child's jaw development or to diagnose an existing dental problem, if necessary. After you have been informed about the condition, the teeth are cleaned with a special pat and if necessary, fluoride applications or preventive dentistry treatments such as fissure sealant are applied. Finally, your child and you will be informed about what to do with dental health at home and said goodbye for your next check-up date.

Wishing you Happy and Healthy Smiles….

Dr. Dt. Timuçin ARI

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