Bottle bruises

Bottle bruises

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Milk, the most important nutrient of babies, causes bruises when the baby's mouth is not cleaned after feeding. Those who are curious about baby bottle decay which is almost impossible to treat Dentist Çağdaş Kışlaoğlu told…

Milk, which is the most important nutrient of babies, contains sugar in its natural content. The amount of milk they often drink during the day usually remains in the mouth of babies, causing bacteria to form. Stating that these bacteria decay teeth in time Dentist Kışlaoğlu, babies oral care is one of the most important reasons of neglect of bottle stressed.

Baby Mouth Cleaning Prevents Caries

Sugar, biscuit, honey or molasses milk given to the baby with a bottle causes the baby's teeth to decay rapidly. Especially during the day and during the night, babies who have a bottle habit constantly developing bottle decay in their teeth, Kışlaoğlu, after each food intake should take care to clean the baby's mouth; The idea that mothers 'early' to start brushing teeth is one of the most important factors in the formation of bottle caries.

Why is Bottle Caries Important?

Stating that caries treatment in infants is almost impossible, Kışlaoğlu, milk teeth taken at an early age, the resulting permanent teeth and then structural disorders, even speech problems, so that the formation of decay should be minimized by taking precautions. Bottle decay seen in the teeth if not treated causes pain and inflammation Kışlaoğlu, toothache, infant feeding and sleep irregularities underlined.

Pay attention to these to prevent the formation of caries!

* Prevent the baby from falling asleep with a bottle of sugar containing liquids in the mouth.
* After each feeding, clean the teeth with a clean cloth or a soft-bristled toothbrush. If you can not clean the bottle by putting water into the mouth to rinse.
* Do not add sweeteners such as sugar and honey molasses to the milk in the bottle as much as possible.
* Try to take your baby away from the bottle before he is 2 years old.
* Take the first teeth regularly as soon as they come out.

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