Mother father with sleeping child

Mother father with sleeping child

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Parents and children can sleep together for many reasons. A variety of factors, from easier meeting the needs of the baby to cultural habits, can lead children to sleep with parents. This situation may cause some problems especially in later childhood. Anadolu Health Center Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist While answering our questions, Zafer Atasoy draws attention to the importance of identifying and eliminating the causes of children sleeping together with their parents.

Children sleeping with their parents is a common situation in our country. Starting from early infancy to childhood, this habit can have negative effects on development. There are many reasons for sleeping with parents. Anadolu Health Center Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist According to Zafer Atasoy, it is important to identify and eliminate these reasons in order to avoid the negative effects of this habit.

• Is it still a problem that the child still sleeps with his / her parents despite his / her advanced age?

Some parents consider sleeping with the child as a normal behavior. However, it is still a problem for the child to sleep with his mother or father, even though he is older. Therefore, when reviewing this situation, it is necessary to first evaluate whether the parents consider sleeping together as a problem.

Is it more common for girls not to leave the mother while sleeping?

Since there is no known research on this subject, we can say that sleeping in the same bed with the mother is not directly related to the sex of the baby. Boys as well as boys sleep together with their mother. Sleeping behavior is more common in single-parent families. Mothers are more likely to be sleeping together with their children when they are single or with no wives.

• What emotion does the child cause?

Sleeping together can be considered as one of the areas involved in the mother-baby relationship. First of all, we need to keep in mind that the mother's attitude and emotion are important. Many mothers enter the same bed as their baby to provide the baby's needs more easily and meanwhile behave economically. Over time, this attitude can become a habit for the baby. The fact that a child who does not have the habit of sleeping separately from the mother during infancy wants to sleep with the mother at an advanced age should bring to mind that the child is in an unrest. Unrest may belong to the child as well as to the mother, the family, or even the wider social environment.

• At what age does it start to be seen?

Sleeping together can start in early infancy and is a behavior that can be seen in school-age children. Parental attitudes play an important role in bedtime behavior that starts in early infancy, but the factors that make the child restless at first come first.

• How should parents act against such a situation?
If the child has been asked to go to bed together, it must be investigated and clarified for what reason they were asked to go to bed before it is immediately accepted or rejected. Once established, efforts should be made to eliminate this cause.

What kind of actions of parents can lead to wrong conclusions?

These attitudes of parents who often propose themselves to overcome their fears may start the habit of sleeping together. If it is known that instead of sleeping together to relieve fear, addressing and talking will give healthier results. Sleeping behavior, which can help temporarily cope with fear, will not alleviate fear, but will also reinforce it. In this process, the child's sense of trust will be damaged and will cause him / her to feel weak and inadequate.

• When should I consult a physician?

Sleeping together can adversely affect the personality development of the child, disrupt the balance of the family; it may cause problems in the relations of parents and the emergence of sexual problems. As with many other problems, if there is no solution within the family within a short time, it is time to seek help from an expert.

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