Your child can be Einstein or Mozart!

Your child can be Einstein or Mozart!

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Psychologist İnci Özkoray, Dyslexia Specialist; it underlines that being able to edit speech sounds in the mind, repeat the word list, and name a series of pictures may seem very simple actions at first glance, but this is a tough challenge for children with dyslexia. French researcher Franck Ramus, who conducted a new research on dyslexia; Için In order to better understand the difficulty of translating letters into sounds, 44 of the adults, 23 of whom had dyslexia, listened to sounds ranging from 10 to 80 Hz, while the brain recorded work. As a result; In patients without dyslexia, the sound cortex works normally, and in dyslexia, the left cortex shows less sensitivity around 30 Hz. Franck Ramus says that the left region of the brain specializes in language analysis, and that the difficulty of the left cortex in analyzing some frequencies prevents the brain from dividing the word into units by combining the letters. Çocuklar Children with dyslexia may also have special abilities. Examples of this are scientists and artists known to have dyslexia. Among them are Albert Einstein, Leonardo da Vinci, Rodin, Tom Cruise, Mozart, Walt Disney, Graham Bell, Thomas Edison, Agatha Christie,… Causes of dyslexiaThe factors that cause dyslexia are not fully known. However, there are many opinions on this issue. Prenatal maternal malnutrition may be the cause of a long or difficult birth, prolonged time to postnatal oxygen, and inherited dysfunction.
Dyslexia usually occurs when the child starts school. It is immediately noticed by the teacher and the mother in cases of late reading and inability to learn the letters. It is possible to notice dyslexia in early preschool period. • Any family member who has dyslexia • Speaks too long after the child has time to speak • Your child confuses the words while making sentences. For example, he says 'teddy bear' instead of 'teddy bear'. For example, 'lamp pole' lampshade 'call. • Mixing direction words such as 'right and left' and 'up and down'. • Very successful in toys that require dexterity such as puzzles and lego.
What you can do at home• Give your child self-confidence • Appreciate your child after each success • Make your child a hobby, take care of it • Keep your child away from stress • Make your child's life as easy as you can • Get your child better color books. there is. • Stars on the Ground (Film): 8-year-old Dyslectic Ishaan's troubles is an Indian-made film. This film is a masterpiece for dyslexia. In the film, an art teacher who discovers the child and who is dyslexic helps him by penetrating the child's inner world. Watching this film with everyone in the social environment of the person with dyslexia means minimizing the problems that he / she will experience and is an important element that will make life easier. I have dyslexia! (Book-TUBITAK): It is a very useful book about how to diagnose dyslexia in a child who has difficulty in reading and writing, and who has difficulty in mastering some skills, and how the child struggles hand in hand with his parents.

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