Kindergarten considerations

Kindergarten considerations

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Kindergartens; it creates the environment for the child to have a more enjoyable time while growing up, to learn by playing with his talents and skills, and to grow and socialize with other children and adulthood. What should the preschool you choose include first? Psychologist Eda Gökduman answers this question for you

Work permission: Kindergartens work under the Ministry of National Education or Social Services Directorate. The structure of the building and the classes, the earthquake resistance, the operation of the institution are controlled by the audits conducted by these institutions and a work certificate is granted. This document must be hung in a visible place in the director's office. If you do not see such a document, ask the institution manager.

Are Employees Trained? Remember to get information about the education of the institution manager and the people who will take care of your children. A well-educated and experienced kindergarten staff should have sufficient knowledge and knowledge of the child so that he can provide the necessary approach and education.

Know the person who will take care of your child: When you register, ask which teacher will take care of your child and express your wish to meet him / her.

Find out how the kindergarten is secured: Everyone should not enter or leave kindergarten easily. There should be a system that constantly controls this. The kindergarten door should always be closed. At exits, only working personnel should deliver the child to previously identified persons.

Get information about what happens in an emergency: Find out if all personnel working in emergencies such as fire, earthquake etc. are trained. Get information about the applications.

Find out what activities children are doing during the day: Each kindergarten has a child-oriented education program. But you still ask for information on how a training program is implemented. In addition to educational programs, children can have fun activities such as drama, ballet, chess, swimming and yoga. You can get information about the people who have given these activities and their educational status. They should also have knowledge about child psychology and development.

Are the children cared enough? Your intuition is very important when you get information about general topics. While you're there, observe your environment, the people around you, their relationship with children, their way of speaking and their behavior. It is important that the person providing the information gives you clear and explanatory information on the subject.

Does a kindergarten or psychologist provide counseling? It is important to observe the development of children, to share the positive or negative consequences of these developments with you, to support you in negative situations or to direct you to the necessary institutions.

What kind of practices are practiced during the practice period? Each child's kindergarten response is different. Some children may adapt easily, while some children may have difficulty leaving home or parents. This is a natural process. Learn about what has been done during this process.

Who prepares the food menu? The menus need to be adjusted for child feeding. You may want a sample menu. A content prepared by a dietitian or pediatrician is much more useful.

Are daily records kept? Find out briefly what your child has done, what he did that day, what he ate, or if there was an extraordinary situation.

What are the class characteristics? Find out if your child's class is sufficiently large, how the ventilation is provided, whether there are age-appropriate materials, how many people the class will consist of, and the age of the children in the class (may be different in months).

If you think that the kindergarten contains this information and you have decided to register, you can ask for more information about what you should do.

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