Create a suitable environment for your child to determine his hobbies!

Create a suitable environment for your child to determine his hobbies!

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Bayındır Hospital Kavaklıdere'den Clinical Psychologist Nilüfer Erkin, the child's ability to investigate, to discover and encourage it is the task of parents, stating that the parents' hobbies of children according to their own preferences, not according to the capabilities of their children, he said. Erkin, "It should not be forgotten that the chosen hobby should not be preferred by parents should be an area where the child has the ability and have fun." Erkin emphasized that parents should give importance to their physical development and being healthy while raising children, and they should also emphasize their personality development and psychological well-being. Stating that the child needs to develop self-confidence during the personality development process, Erkin said; “It is known that individuals with high self-confidence have more advanced skills in goal setting, decision-making and action towards this goal, establishing relationships between people and problem solving. Therefore, supporting self-confidence starting from childhood means supporting the personal development of the individual both in childhood and at later ages, and keeps him psychologically healthy. Erkin expressed his support for self-confidence and said: “Playing any musical instrument, singing in a choir, performing in theater, painting or ceramics, participating in classical ballet or other dance activities, dealing with a sports branch made individually or with a team, to continue a course towards children are areas of hobby. ”

Support can be obtained from the teacher.

Erkin pointed out that the skills of children started to emerge in the educational activities in the pre-school period and that support could be obtained from the teachers in the fields of hobby suitable for the child. Kin Parents state that especially kindergarten and elementary school children have problems such as not wanting to go to school and not doing homework. Hobbies can also be used to protect the child's interest in school and to support his / her success. Only going to school and doing homework can bore the children after a while. However, when the child knows that he can switch to a fun hobby activity after he is interested in school assignments that can be boring, he can fulfill his responsibilities about his school more easily and does not lose interest in school as he sees that he is successful. In addition, during the school holidays, children have a hobby that will keep them entertained, except watching TV and playing computers. Tatil

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