Prevention of unwanted pregnancy

Prevention of unwanted pregnancy

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Prevention of Contraception

Women's Condoms

The female condom is a 7-inch polyurethane vagina. The barrier is a method of birth control. It protects women against many sexually transmitted diseases.

How to Use a Female Condom?

The thin, soft pouch has a flexible ring at the closed end. There is a slightly wider ring at the open end. The closed end ring allows the condom to hold onto the vagina. It prevents contact between condoms, penis skin and secretions and vagina and cervix during sexual intercourse. The female condom can be inserted 8 hours before the intercourse.

When placing the condom, follow these instructions:
* Find a comfortable position.
3 positions recommended:
- Standing on a chair
- Your knees crouched open.
- Lying on his back, pulling his legs, opening his knees
* Hold the open end down. Tighten the closed end ring between your thumb and index fingers.
* Push into the vagina, behind the pubis bone.

If not properly placed, the outer ring slightly hangs outside the vagina. Vagene holding penis with hands during sexual intercourse the condom. If the condom is moving in the relationship, apply a lubricant inside the condom or on the penis.

To remove the female condom after intercourse:
1. Tighten and rotate the outer ring to hold the sperm in.
2. Gently pull out and discard.

Do not use female condoms again. Use new condoms in each relationship. Do not use male and female condoms at the same time. Be careful not to tear with nails or sharp objects.

What are the Benefits of Protecting Women's Condoms?

* Protects from pregnancy until approximately diaphragm; There is a 2% failure rate.
* Protects against sexually transmitted diseases. As with a male latex condom, neither the AIDS nor the Hepatitis B virus can pass through the polyurethane female condom.
* Polyurethane is less allergic than latex condoms.
* Rarely tears.
* It can be taken without a prescription.
* Provides the opportunity to share responsibility with his partner.

Protection of women with condomsWhat are the disadvantages?

* Can be used only once.
* The outer ring is boring.

Norplant Protection

Norplant contains hormones and is a contraceptive method that prevents pregnancy. The small, thin and flexible capsule set is full of synthetic progesterone hormone. They are placed under the skin on the arm of the woman and the hormone is released into the bloodstream. Pregnancy can be prevented for 5 years with this application. Approximately 24 hours after administration, the progesterone level in the blood reaches a level that prevents pregnancy. Norplant is administered within the first 5 days of menstruation. It causes thinning of the inner membrane of the uterus, preventing the embryo from settling in the uterus, and thickening the vaginal epidemic. makes it difficult for the sperm to reach the uterus.

How to apply Norplant?
After applying local anesthetic to the upper part of the arm, a small incision is made and 6 norplant capsules are placed under the skin through the incision. This process takes about 10 to 15 minutes.

Usually it is not necessary to suture instead of incision. Keep the incision clean and closed until healing. The incision may be a slight leak. Wound infection may rarely develop. If you notice swelling and redness this may be in favor of infection and you should definitely tell your doctor. If infection cannot be cured, capsules may need to be removed. At the end of five years, the hormone contained in the capsules is depleted and the protective effect disappears. On the same day that the old capsules were removed, a new set can be installed. If you are considering pregnancy before 3 years, you should not choose this method.

What are the benefits of Norplant?

* Prevent pregnancy for 5 years. Your ability to conceive will be reversed 24 hours after the capsules have been removed.
* After applying the capsules does not cause pain and is not noticeable from the outside.
* Progesterone is more reliable than birth control pills because it is mixed with low levels of blood and does not contain estrogen.
* The probability of conception during use is less than 1%.
* Cost is 5 years less than the use of birth control pill. If you are taking drugs such as phenytoin, carbamezapine because of your epilepsy, they reduce the level of progesterone and reduce the effect of the norplant.

NorplantWhat are the disadvantages?

You may have some complaints due to increased progesterone levels:
* Irregular menstruation
* Spotting-style bleeding between the pieces
* Lengthening of menstrual period
* No menstruation

In addition, increased progesterone levels can cause the following symptoms:
* Headache
* Nausea
* Dizziness
* Acne increase
* Weight gain
* Breast tenderness and discharge
* Mental changes

In the following cases Norplant use is not suitable for you:
* If you are pregnant or think you are pregnant
* If you are breastfeeding and your baby is less than 6 weeks
* If you have vaginal bleeding with undetermined cause
* If you have breast cancer or liver disease

What should I call my doctor when using Norplant?

* If you have abdominal pain complain
* If you have enough vaginal bleeding to require a pet
* If there is swelling, redness in the place where the capsule is applied
* If the capsule is out of place

Natural Family Planning

Natural family planning is a contraceptive method that is applied without using any medicine or tools. In order to prevent pregnancy, sexual intercourse is not performed on the fertile days of the menstrual period (ovulation). Menstrual times should be recorded carefully, so that sexual intercourse safe and unsafe days can be calculated. Both spouses should be careful about this issue.

What are natural family planning methods?

The calendar method is to calculate the spawning periods mathematically by considering the longest and shortest menstrual periods. Since it is not a safe method, it is no longer recommended. The most reliable method is mucothermal. Heat and cervical mucus methods are used together.

If you decide to use it as a birth control method, you should observe the cervical mucus and measure your daily morning temperature. This information is used to determine the day of ovulation. If you don't want to conceive, you shouldn't have an affair these days. When using this method you will see that you are away from the relationship for 8-11 days each month.

When is the period of pregnancy for a woman?

One menstrual period The average is 28 days. Normally ovulation occurs in one of the ovaries during each menstrual period. The egg moves to the uterus through the fallopian tubes. If the egg cannot be fertilized, it is absorbed by the body or expelled by menstruation. The egg can be fertilized by sperm as long as it is excreted from the ovary and progresses through the outer 1/3 of the fallopian tubes. This period is the period of pregnancy. Mucothermal birth control method by calculating this period sexual intercourse is avoided.

How do I track my body temperature?

Every morning, body temperature should be measured without any physical activity or eating or drinking. The best time is just before getting out of bed. You should use a thermometer to detect small changes. Your body temperature increases by 0.5-1 degrees immediately after ovulation. It will remain high until the menstrual period you will see. Save your daily measurements on the calendar.

How does cervical mucus change?

Cervical (cervical) mucus You should check the appearance and consistency. If the mucus is thin, elastic, clean, like water (such as egg white), spawning will occur within 4 days. (These are wet days). It is necessary to avoid sexual intercourse until 4 days after the mucus is dry, thicker and reduced in quantity. How to use mucothermal method? Monitoring of body temperature and observation of cervical mucus helps to determine ovulation period. In this way you can determine your pregnancy periods each month. As a rule, you can have intercourse from the first day of menstruation until you first see the wet mucus. You should not interfere until 4 days after the appearance of thick mucus or 3 days after the rise in body temperature. The average life span of a sperm is 3 days. Therefore, you should stay away from the moment you see the wet mucus. This means that sperm can live in your body for 3 days and create pregnancy.

Please note that the disease, some medications, alcohol can increase your body temperature. You can also mix semen with wet mucus. In order to increase the effectiveness of this method, the relationship should be avoided or another method should be used until 3 days after the increase of body temperature. The menstrual order varies from woman to woman and from month to month. If you want to use the natural family planning method as the only birth control method, you should follow and understand body temperature and mucus for 3-6 months.

Do not use this method if your period is very irregular.

What are the benefits?

* Provides birth control without using any medicine or tools.
* There is no discomfort of barrier methods.
* There are no health risks related to birth control pills and IUD.
* Very cheap.

What are the disadvantages?

* 20% - 30% risk of conception (2 out of 10 women become pregnant after 1 year),
* Non-involvement during the first 3 to 6 months of observation.
* Not having intercourse for 2 weeks every month,
* Not suitable for menstrual irregularities.
* Difficulty in self-control during pregnancy periods,
* Does not provide protection from sexually transmitted diseases (AIDS).

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