Ways to spend effective time with your child

Ways to spend effective time with your child

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If you are complaining about not having enough time for your child or if you don't know how to spend effective time, we have a suggestion for you. With it you can do some activities in the home environment so that you can both support your child's creativity and share valuable moments with him.

Here are 3 different event ideas. The materials are easy to find and easy to implement.

Making My Own Card:


-different paint materials

- cartons of various types and colors

- beads, sequins, small buttons

- a small cardboard box

- different cap papers

- Ornamental materials


- set a day at the beginning of each month as a yapma card making la day with your child

- identify a topic each month and allow your child to make the card as he / she wishes, taking into account your child's recommendations and using the material he / she wants.

- Help your child to send these cards to the people he wants to send them on special days

- allow him to store other cards that he did not send or even collect

- Give your child a cardboard box to make a card box, help him decorate it as he wants

- You can even have a card exhibition in your house one day and let your child show their cards to your guests.

Hand Labor Eye Light:


-Square or rectangular shape of one color large piece of fabric

- fabric pieces in different colors

- Molds in different shapes




- choose a place in your home with your child to hang a square or rectangular fabric board

- Decide on the topic to be studied together, look at story books, watch documentaries with your child,

pictures and magazines on different topics

- after deciding on the topic, plan how to work on the dashboard

- help your child to complete part b, r of the board every week

- at the end of each study, decide the subject and the type of fabric to be studied with the children for the next week, complete the missing materials

- at the end of the work, frame the board and hang it in a nice place in your home

* you can foresee a period of two months for the completion of the board

Treasure Hunt:


- objects of various colors

- picture paper

- paint pens

- large size cardboard box

-different ornamental supplies

- tape, scissors, adhesive


- chat with your child about treasure and hunting concepts

- tell your child that he will join an exciting treasure hunt and tell him that different surprises await.

-store materials of different colors and shapes from your child to different parts of the secret house before the treasure hunt

- your child can understand on top of each of these materials to show that these materials belong to the game.


- ask your child to find these materials later

- look at different crate pictures and photos with your child, make a cardboard crate together

- your child decorates the chest with ornamental materials and different objects and collects the materials he finds in the chest

-depict the materials he finds on the picture papers

- talk about the shapes, colors and numbers of objects, improve your child's knowledge of these concepts

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