Ways to Communicate Correctly with Your Child

Ways to Communicate Correctly with Your Child

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It is important for a child to feel self-esteem that he feels valuable. Saying that respect is one of the magical elements of communication, Kültür College PDR Department Chair Psychologist Simge Gündoğan states that accepting the child's existence, making him feel that it is important and valuable and adopting it with everything is stated.
Adults sometimes focus on behavior in family communication. Negative behavior, like a word that shouldn't be said. In such cases, it is very important to state how the behavior described as negative makes the parent feel. Explaining and naming emotion makes the child understand the emotions more easily. Thus the message to the child is that the problem is not “itself“ but “behavior“. Instead of giving commands like running and jumping, the phrase “I'm afraid that when you run it will fall and hurt you yer will not be blaming because it is“ I language ”and will introduce the emotion to the child. How do you strengthen your communication with your child?• You can help maintain open communication by supporting your child's effort to communicate with you • Avoid making phone calls while your child is trying to tell you something important, and pay full attention to him • If you are angry with your child, you can expect to calm down to talk to him or her. stimulation may cause your child to be offended and angry at you, and may damage your confidence. When talking to your child, you can take care not to involve others if you don't need to, and talk to your child as alone as possible. • You can try to reduce it if you use sentences like ın You will speak after I finish my words ”, orum I know what is best for you”, yap Just do what I say ”. Because this type of speech prevents open communication and may reduce your child's chances of open communication with you later. you can always remember that not only your conversations but also your communication and interaction with people around you is a model for it • It is important to be consistent in your behavior towards your child. Whether you are acting in contradictory behavior within yourself or when parents are acting in conflict with each other forces the child to bulma find the right. • • The child wants to feel valued. Therefore, the child should not be compared with other children. In such a case, you may feel unworthy and insignificant • You can talk to the child and listen to his / her thoughts rather than making a decision for your child. The child, who sees his parents listening to him, has the opportunity to express his feelings and feels understood.

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