Does your child develop according to age?

Does your child develop according to age?

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Unfortunately, the child's failure in school, loss of attention, difficulty in adaptation, behavioral problems, learning-related problems, and communication problems within the family are often underestimated. The physical development of children can be carefully monitored starting from the day they were born. Unfortunately, the same care cannot be taken in the follow-up of emotional, social and mental developments.

Ayşegül Salgın, Acıbadem Hospital Pedagogy Specialist, points out that children's emotional, social and mental development is only considered and evaluated when a problem that cannot be coped is considered:

“However, a child can only be considered healthy if it is developing properly in all areas.”

Problems in adolescence increase

Children and young people may experience important problems that families do not realize. Especially in adolescence, which is described as the most difficult passage of life, problems increase. While some of these problems can be solved by children or adolescents, the pedagogue Ayşegül Salgın says that some problems require the help, support and guidance of an adult.

Kişi This person is usually a parent. However, some problems and situations may require professional assistance and intervention. In such cases, timely action for appropriate diagnosis and treatment may facilitate the resolution of the problem. In the Pedagogy Outpatient Clinic of our hospital, mental, emotional and social development of children between the ages of 0-16 are monitored. Language, social and motor development of children between the ages of 0-6 are evaluated with tests, and programs are prepared and implemented for areas where there is a delay.

The mental, emotional and social development of school children is evaluated and the causes of failure and adaptation problems are identified and the family and the child are working for solutions. ”

When to get expert support?

So when does a pedagogical specialist need to be consulted? There are many criteria that families should consider. If the child's mental, emotional and social development does not correspond to this, it is recommended to consult a pedagogical specialist.

Pedagogue Ayşegül Salgın lists these problems as follows:

If you need to assess whether your child's development is appropriate for their age,

If you need assessment and support for your child's emotional, social and mental development,

If your child has behavior problems,

If your child needs support (special education) due to mental disability,

If you think that your child does not use his / her capacity at school adequately,

If your child is experiencing failure, adaptation difficulties at school,

If your child suffers from lack of attention or clutter,

If your child has difficulty communicating with their environment,

If you are having difficulty communicating with your child and providing discipline, you should consult a specialist.

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