Winter-specific skin care recommendations

Winter-specific skin care recommendations

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It is impossible for your skin not to be affected from these days when the hot weather is over and the winter cold is at the door. With the arrival of winter, the incidence of skin disorders increases. In this period when the cold affects your skin, it is useful to make a special care for your skin from head to toe. Dermatology Specialist Memduh Altaç gave information about the subject…

Is our skin the most sensitive barrier?

Yeah. The most sensitive barrier against external factors is our skin. Skin is the biggest organ of the human being. This organ, which is in direct contact with millions of microbes every day, forms a set against microbes that may enter the body externally. prevents loss of body temperature.

Does the transition of the season wear our skin?

Seasonal transitions, of course, wear our skin. Extreme heat, sun, wind, snow can cause severe burns, smudges and wrinkles on unprotected skin.

Is peeling necessary on thickening skin?

Exfoliating to thickening skin is also done completely depending on the person's wishes. The process is performed in the form of superficial or deep peeling according to the condition of the person. Surface peeling is a peeling made with a number of chemicals and granular soaps may be preferred as auxiliary elements. Nasmed soap is suitable in these and can be used in terms of content. Thanks to the sulfur and olive oil it contains, it can be preferred in the treatment of skin diseases.

What can we do for a young skin?

- Protection from the sun,
- Protect from extreme cold
- Not smoking
- Pay attention to water consumption
- Taking care of sleep patterns
- Feeding. Increase the consumption of fruits and vegetables.

How do mothers protect their skin?

One of the two major problems of the mothers is the pregnancy mask or blemish among the people we call chloasma and the other is the rupture of the skin which we call vertebrate against weight gain. If a dermatologist is observed in both of them, problems do not arise.

How should we care for our neck and hands?

Moisturizing creams can be used for your neck after a certain age. In the meantime, we should not ignore the sun and cigarettes. If possible use solid soap for our hands to avoid detergents, caustic and drying agents. To take necessary measures against the sun.

How do we prevent our nails from breaking?

The biggest enemy of the nails is detergent and there is benefit to be protected.

What can we do for drying hair?

Creamy shampoos are recommended for drying hair, if possible. It is advisable to avoid very hot water when washing. It is appropriate to avoid blow dryer and frequent blow dryer when drying hair.

What vitamins do we need for our hair?

A healthy person does not need any vitamins for our hair. The need for additional vitamins from a well-fed person is derived from natural foods. However, vitamin supplementation may be necessary for those who have unilateral feeding habits and those who have systematic disease causing destruction in the body. Biotin supplements are useful when hair is needed.

Dermatology Specialist Dr.Memduh Altaç

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