The first job before you get pregnant is to go to the doctor!

The first job before you get pregnant is to go to the doctor!

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From the beginning of pregnancy, it is necessary to see that everything is normal with tests and determine the method according to these results. In each pregnancy there are main tests for everyone, in addition there is a blood test called the NT test between the 11th and 14th weeks. The baby must be taken before this test. After the baby reaches a certain size, both two hormones in the womb, the size of the baby, the baby's nuchal thickness and the baby's nasal bone are measured. If there is any doubt about it, this time the intravenous Doppler measurements will be involved and a risk analysis will be performed. If there is a problem with these values, we recommend invasign intervention. This week, CVS placenta to take a sample of chromosomes by taking a sample is not everyone's job. Should be done in experienced hands. The baby's condition can be determined by entering a tissue sample from the placenta by entering the pouch where the baby is in the womb. Again in this period, the triple test and the test of four of four or three hormones taken from the mother's blood by looking at a risk ratio is calculated again. But this is no longer a valid method. So the value of the first test is much more important and much more accurate.Anatomical examination at 5 monthsWhen the baby grows, ie around the 5th month, a detailed anatomical examination of the baby is performed with ultrasound. This ultrasound examines whether the baby has any physical problems, from the brain to the heart, from the lung to the stomach, from the intestine to the kidney. If there is no doubt in this, this baby is considered normal and the last test is passed.Last test at 6 monthsAt the 6th month, again in the last test of whether or not there is diabetes in the mother's blood, everything is normal and there is no need to make a new test. After reaching the 37th week, the normal birth process starts and the birth is expected to take place until the 41th week.During this period, attention should be paid to nutrition!Weight gain during pregnancy depends on the individual's initial weight. It doesn't matter if someone who is tall and has been pregnant with low weight gains more weight; but it is important for a short and overweight person to weigh between 6 and 9 pounds in order to spend the last period of pregnancy comfortably. The possibility of increased diabetes in those who do not eat regularly confirms the importance of healthy eating. Especially after the 4th month, Omega-3, calcium taken from iron, milk and dairy products are of great importance for the baby's brain development. The use of folic acid, which is recommended for all pregnant women, is also very important in the construction of skull and vertebral bones in the baby.All tests will be combined in oneRecently, there is a test that has been closely interested in the medical world. Beginning of this test, the mother will do all the tests during pregnancy 7-8. A single test will be used to monitor the development of the baby. With the blood sample taken from the mother, the baby's cells can be detected and as a result of this test, the baby's DNA can be resolved to determine whether the baby has any problems. Thus, the tests to be performed in other processes of pregnancy will be completed in the first months. This test, which will become legal as of March, is currently being implemented in America. A study will begin soon so that the whole of Europe and Turkey. Liv Hospital will be one of the first hospitals to start implementing this. ”

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