Additional nutrients for baby

Additional nutrients for baby

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Cow's Milk Custard
200 mL. Cow milk
10 g. Rice (2 tsp)
10 g. Sugar (2 teaspoons)
Energy: 98 calories / 100mL Protein: 3.3 g / 100mL

Cold milk is put into a clean container, crushed by adding rice flour, cooked slowly on low heat. After cooking, sugar is added while it is warm and body temperature is given to the baby.

200 mL. Cow milk
2 teaspoons yogurt yeast

Energy: 60 calories / 100mL Protein: 3 g / 100mL

The milk is boiled and cooled to body temperature. 2 teaspoons yogurt yeast is added. It is covered and kept at room temperature consistently for 3-4 hours. I recommend you to wait for 1 day to consume more yogurt and then consumed.

Vegetable puree
¼ small carrot
¼ medium potatoes
¼ medium tomato
1 teaspoon of rice
1 egg sized chicken / fish / turkey / red meat
1 tablespoon oil (sunflower oil, olive oil, soybean oil)

Energy: 110 calories Protein: 7 g

Wash the necessary vegetables thoroughly, cut into small pieces. It is cooked with its own water in steam or with little water on low heat or in a pressure cooker. The cooked mixture is crushed with a fork and given to the baby.

Vegetable soup with yogurt
125 mL. Yoghurt
½ medium potatoes
1 tablespoon rice
1 teaspoon of oil

Energy: 184 calories / 100mL Protein: 5.5g / 100mL

Yoghurt is placed in a medium size container, diluted with a little water and preferably peas, zucchini, carrots are added and cooked with oil.

Grilled meat balls
1 egg-size chicken or turkey meat (taken twice)
Small amount of bread
Small amount of parsley

Energy: 70 calories Protein: 6 g.

The inside of the bread is slightly wetted, mixed with parsley and minced meat, cooked in a heated oven or put into rice and bulgur instead of bread and given to the baby as juicy dumplings.

You can prepare new healthy menus for your baby, lentil soup, stuffed with meat, soups prepared with different vegetables, you can give your baby the stages of development according to your taste.

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