Mine Çayıroğlu on motherhood: Deep Sea is colorful!

Mine Çayıroğlu on motherhood: Deep Sea is colorful!

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How's mothering going?
The excitement of motherhood continues. I enjoy exploring my son every day. I live my childhood with him again. We have so much fun together; we play games, we go to Emirgan Grove and watch the squirrels. We are very happy.

Your son is nine months old, how did it go?
Sometimes I think, time is running like water. During this time, I did not leave the Deep Sea for a moment. From the day he was born, I've taken care of everything and I'm still interested. I had already developed a certain system from the beginning, I adhered to it, so we were very comfortable. I'm probably gonna have a hard time tomorrow when I start work the other day. So now I feel like I'm having a hard time thinking, I'm sure I'll always have my mind.

How did you find out that you were pregnant and how did you share it with your partner?
Actually, we weren't thinking about getting married and having kids for a while. We were even preparing for the second album. When I first told my wife, she said, un You're kidding! Sonr Then of course she was very, very happy. For my wife and me the arrival of our sea was a big surprise.

Were you ready to be a mother?
I knew I'd be a good mother, but I didn't dare. I am very fond of my freedom and my work. There is a Chinese proverb, orsan If you want to make God laugh, tell him about his plans, ”he said. Because when we made plans for the album, life gave us a big surprise. It's good that I have the Deep Sea, our lives have become colorful, now we have seven colors of the rainbow, once we were the only colors.

When did you learn your gender?
We learned at the end of the third month. I wanted men, and I could feel it was a guy. I already had a dream before I went to check.

What kind of dream?
I had a dream about a six-seven-year-old boy with a beautiful face. My wife Özgür was showing me pictures of the guitar. Then I found out that the sex of my baby was a man and I was very impressed.

How was your pregnancy, what period did you have?
My pregnancy was quite comfortable, peaceful and moving. I took great care of my diet and took care to consume healthy foods. I had a conscious pregnancy. I stayed away from stress, listened to lots of music, I did things I like briefly. During this period, my wife and family supported me greatly. I feel really lucky.

Did you do sports?
I did it in the first months.

How much weight did you gain?
I gained 12 pounds. I gave them all twenty days after birth.

How so?
Breastfeeding makes you lose weight. Adding to the process of adapting to my new life and insomnia in the first months, it was not difficult to lose weight.

How long do you intend to breastfeed?
Deniz loves breast milk and we have no problems about it. I am still breastfeeding, and considering my doctor's recommendations, I intend to continue breastfeeding for as long as necessary.

How did you give birth?
I gave birth normally. I really wanted that to happen. The important thing though is to give birth to a healthy baby in whatever way. I had some trouble during the birth but the world was mine the moment they gave Deniz to my lap.

Was your partner with you at birth?
Özgür never left me during pregnancy and childbirth and was very supportive of me. He shared my fears, encouraged me ım I am very lucky that I have a wife who understands me. I wanted him to go into labor because we should have lived this miracle together.

How were the first days after the birth?
Of course I was forced. It's like I forgot what I read and learned. Theory and practice are certainly very different things. But after a month we entered a certain routine and were very comfortable.

Have you had puerperal syndrome?
Puerperium is a challenging process for many women, both physiologically and spiritually. But I was comfortable.

What kind of father was your wife? Does he take care of the baby, does he help you?
He is free of charge and very attached to his family. With Deniz, her view of life has changed, and now she is more selfless.

Why did you name your son two names, any special meaning?
We decided together with Özgür. I love the name of the possible Sea I've been, it gives me peace. Deep Sea has become a different name, so be it, son.

How many children do you want?
I love kids so much. Of course I want Deniz to have a brother in the future.

Do you have dreams about your son? What kind of person do you want to be or what is your job?
First of all, I want him to be a good person. I think you can build your own future with a good education and experience. That's enough for me.

How do you spend time outside of motherhood, what do you do?
I spend most of my time caring about Deniz, I watch movies and read the scripts and theater works as a part of my acting. I'm not doing anything other than that.

Do you have any series or cinema projects?
I don't have anything right now, but I miss acting, the scene. Since Deniz won't stop me from working anymore, I feel ready for cinema, series and theater acting.

Do you continue your music studies?
Sure it does. With the contribution of my musician wife, we are constantly working on music, composition and second album.

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