Loving fathers have harmonious children!

Loving fathers have harmonious children!

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Research shows that a 3-month-old baby does not separate parents to share their needs and pleasures. So if you're a concerned father, your baby can calm down on your lap, and be happy to help you change your diaper and put him to sleep. Thus, the parent-child triangle can be established healthy from birth. Unfortunately, this situation can be interrupted by the mothers' unwillingness to share their babies and the exclusion of the father, and sometimes the reluctance of the fathers to take care of the baby and to see it as the mother's duty.

Psychologist Selcen Akdan says, tada At this point, the duties and responsibilities of the father should start with the pregnancy of his wife. Sonra activities. The father, who takes care of his baby's care needs, trusts the baby and is not afraid to be alone, he feels comfortable when he is separated from his mother. Bab He doesn't fully trust the child who plays with his child and doesn't meet the care needs such as feeding, sleeping, changing his child, he hesitates to be alone with him and shows a structure dependent on the mother. ”

Children who love loving, 'qualified' time with their father, have better friendship, have leadership qualities and are more harmonious. The child who finds the father strong but is afraid to approach him because he does not see compassion does not accept the authority of the father, he opposes the rules. Likewise, overly tolerant, who does everything he wants his child, just because he can not cope - maybe because he cries no first, then yes, fathers say that the child does not give confidence to the child. Although children do not always want to, it is observed that they perceive the father who is consistent with what they want and they are more willing to follow the rules they have set and cooperate. A strong and loving father is a source of trust for the child. The father, who spends time with his child at certain times, recognizes the child, discovers his talents and interests, directs him to certain activities and spends qualified time with him. How Does? Plays with him, reads books, worries, discusses certain topics, makes travel programs, gives his child certain responsibilities to ensure his self-confidence.Selcen Akdan, underlines an important issue at this point: the time spent is not sufficient to establish this quality. Rather than an unqualified day spent with the child, a playful play activity that is spent alone will be more productive. Not very long hours, but really the quality of the time you spend with each other will be very good for you and your children, your child will be a strong, confident individual will contribute greatly. "

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